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Info About Earthbound:Ness's Legacy

Earthbound:Ness's Legacy is my version of the sequel to Earthbound. For those who dont know, Earthbound is a highly underated RPG made for the SNES. It's below-par graphics gave it poor sales, but I, as well as thousands of others, know once you get into the game you will realize just how cool it is! The central headquarters of this growing clan of Earthbounders is If you are new to Earthbound I highly suggest you check it out.

Now, back to my game. It takes place several years in the future, where you play as a slightly older and more mature Ness. You go out looking for your sister, Pippi, who informs you that her friend Ruth was taken by a "big scary guy with wings". Ness is eventually dragged into an intence conflict, and he is, once again, forced to battle the forces of evil. He makes new friends and learns new powers along the way, and he eventually learns that he must once again battle an evil he thought had vanished into the vortex of time forever.....

---So begins Earthbound:Ness's Legacy!---