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Welcome to my Earthbound Site, home of Earthbound:Ness's Legacy!!!


8/20/02- Just wanted to say some major work being done on EBNL. This includes a prelude, custom battle, menu, and exp. system. This is mainly why I have been so silent lately (lots o work!) Hopefully next version out before evil school.

8/5/02- heard people haveing trouble with site (stupid navbar!) so site is under reconstuction. Til then post on forums!

7/26/02- See people I am not dead just on vacation over tha last few weeks. Work on NL will continue today but I need some fan support! If you have anything to say about NL please post it on the forums. Even if you have nothing to say at least register so I know I have some support. If I don't have anyone wanting the game I will NOT continue making the game (dum dum dum). Also I have heard several "goldendoor" problems which can all be resolves easily by downloading the RTP expansion, found on Don Miguel's site (check the links). If you have any other problems from now on please post them on the forums.

7/10/02- If anyone tried to view this site yesterday sorry I have no clue what happened..... Angelfire is taking forever to load my site recently, possibly bandwich problems.EB:NL v0.03 is in the making however do not expect much more since the next version is mainly about plugging in my new battle system (which works alot like Earthbound). Until then, go say stuff in the forums!

7/08/02- Sorry but no progress made on EB:NL over July 4th weekend, mainly 'cause of relatives :( Well thanks to your e-mail recommendations I set up a forum as well as fixed the startup error. Thanks to Justin and RPGAddict restectivly.

This site as well as Earthbound:Ness's Legacy is in no way associated with Shigesato Itio, APE Inc., and Nintendo.