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Earth Science Regents Quiz


Your goal is to score at least 15 points

1. What observation best supports the inferance "This rock is igneous"

The rock has shell fragments
The rock has intergrown crystals
The rock has banding
The rock does not look anything igneous

2. During what period did most of the bedrock of southern New York State form?


3. If a p-wave arrived at 03:30:00 and the S wave arrived at 03:33:20, how far is the station away from the epicenter?


4. A stream would have what effect on the area after thousands of years and the stream is dry?

Hilly area with V-shaped valleys
Flat area with V-shaped valleys
Hilly area with U=shaped valleys
Flat area with U-shaped valleys

5. How would you make a weather model with 1009.2 millibars?

The number 092 in the top right
The number 092 in the top left
The number109 in the top left
The number 109 in the top right

6. What causes the planetary wind belts?

A:The Correolis effect
B:High and low pressure areas
C:Average surface temperature
Both a and b
Both a,b, and c

7. What would be the best method of determining the age of a Mastodont fossil

Radioactive dating using Potassium 40
Radioactive Dating with Carbon 14
Dating similar animals that lived around the time of the Mastodont
All of the above
None of the above

8. What is true about the earth in relation to the solar system and itself?

The earth rotates at 360 degrees a year
The earth revolves at a rate of 15 degrees a year
The earth's axis wobbles slightly
The earth and the sun rotate at the same speeds

9. The John family plans on a picnic sometime during this year. They want a good amount of daytime, but also time at night for family games and movies. What would be the best day of the year for this?

June 21
December 21
Sept. 23

10. What color has the highest wavelengh?


11. The Baginski family want a new lining of concrete. They want concrete with the most runoff. Concrete A has large particles and Concrete B has small particles. Which one should they use?

Mark's butt would actually make the best concrete

12. What will eventually happen to our sun?

A:It will shrink and explode
B:It will shrink and dissipear
C:It will become massive and explode
D:It will become massive and dissipear
a or b
c or d
all of them could happen

13. As altitude increases, humidity

Stays the same

14. As heat increases, density

Increases due to expansion
Increases due to compression
Decreases due to expansion
Decreases due to compression

15. If a dry bulb temperature reads 10 degress C, and the wet bulb reads 9 degres C, what is the dewpoint?


16. What does the answer to question 15 tell you?

The weather may become rainy
The weather may become sunny
There will be a tornado in the near future
Kevin John is a happy monkey

17. cP air coming from the north is most likely from where?

The Artic Ocean
New York State
The Gulf of Mexico

18. At which location would the altitude of Polaris be the highest?

The equator
Mexico City
New York State
Toronto, Canada

19. If the distance between two foci is 950 and the major axis is 1650, what is the eccentricity of the ellipse?


20. What do scientists currently theorize about the universe?

The red shift shows the universe is becoming smaller
The red shift shows the universe is currently expanding
The center of the universe will eventually explode, creating the second "big bang"
Kevin John is the ruler of all the universe ^_^

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