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Hamu2's Site

Mage Knight Pics! | Conquest tourney photos | Misc. Stuff

Links: - S'pore's No.1 Mage Knight site !!!
Official MK website !!!



Update 16/07/02 - 2nd conquest army. Battle report will follow shortly.
Update 15/06/02 - Conquest photos up. Marvel out.
Update 12/05/02 - Hey pple, i'm back ! Check out some my pics from HK ! (under misc.)
Update 06/05/02 - Going on Holiday from 6th - 11th @ HK ! Wait for the pics !
Update 03/05/02 - Got my Marvel Hero Clix, starter ! Castle is available in S'pore.
Update 29/04/02 - All pages are working. NEWS section added.
Update 25/04/02 - Site is up but still under construction so pls be patient.


Mage Knight 

The powerful leaders of the Atlantis Guild, the militant naturalists of the Elemental League, and the evil Necropolis Sect ruled their lands for years with little opposition. Then the Black Powder Rebels began a bloody revolution using dwarven-forged weapons. They smashed the might of their former rulers and carved a place for themselves in this magical world.


More about Me !

I've been playing Mage Knight since Alpha came out. It was a dream come true since all stats were on the dial & U do not have to paint them.

Not that I hate painting but it would take up too much of my time.

Love all my fellow MKers and really hope that our little community would grow !


Looks great right !? Only problem is ... it ain't gonna be cheap ...
The tower alone is worth about S$50 and the walls are going at S$30 a set.
For more infomation, check out the official website following the link above.