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Name:  Josh Allison
Location:  Blue University, Omaha
Birthday:  13 April, 1988
Bio:  I feel sorry for anyone who doesnt realize that the location I chose doesn't exist. Also, anything I say on here may offend you, so, if you are a bum using a computer in a house you broke into (I know who you are!), leave my site. Also, if you don't like to be criticised blatantly, don't send me hatemail...or I'll be forced to make fun of your punctuation and spelling errors. And possibly reenstate anything that I originally said to make you angry.
Interests:  I'm a bowler, web designer (give me money), and all around computer....person. I also enjoy the occasional use of lol...but I use it sparingly unlike some morons on AIM that I meet in chatrooms.
Blog Created:  Wednesday, 26 November 2003
Last Updated:  Saturday, 27 August 2005 - 12:26 AM CDT
Blog Entries:  62

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