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Discount Bloggers Anonymous

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Cake - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Senior year of school beginning calls for a round of words on me. And you can have as many refills as I can serve up with my kegs and my mediocrely sized plastic cups (otherwise known as my keyboard and fingers).
Let us begin, shall we, (heh, as if you had a say in it...) with the obligatory blog topic....MY LiFe!!!11!!@
So, I gained seniority at UPS which ultimately means three things. I've reached a point where I haven't quit for a full 34 days, the ability to call in sick and not get fired has been given to me, and I get a free shirt, bag of chips (large $2.50 bag), and multiple types of soda. Overall, this rocks hardcore.
The amp of which I spoke (typed) during my last entry shall now serve a similar, yet new, purpose. Considering I will have, this monday (8-29-05), a brand new 1200 watt infinity amp to power my subs, my sound system will rival that of people with sound systems close to mine on a scale from 1 to awesome. The amp will power my back speakers so that the power will increase from 200 watts to 500 watts and the level of sound shall be increased by about 4 dB (decibels: a measurement of sound). The power of bass will be able to shake houses like I have done before, but now, the ability will be increased by more power and a slight increase in dB.
Sadly, the end of my licenseless state ends on the 9th of next month which is somewhat later than yesterday as I would have appreciated. Wasn't expecting yesterday to have my license back....but....would have been awesome.
Well....I need to sleep and prepare for bowling. Enjoy your lives until I find something to rant about.

Thought: "You won't admit you love me and so; how am I ever to know; You only tell me: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.
A Million times I ask you; And then I ask you over again; You only answer: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.
If you can't make your mind up; we'll never get started; And I dont wanna wind up being parted, broken hearted.
So, if you really love me, say yes; but if you don't dear, confess; And please don't tell me: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps."

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 12:26 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 26 July 2005

The Floodgates...
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
Have Opened Yet Again.

And with that said, I'll go against every teaching that I have in my mind of sentence structure by beginning this sentence with a conjunction. But, now, it's time to move forth to a topic.

Actually, I have multiple topics. The first of which is a tiny brainstorm.

**tiny thunder booming** tiny brainstorm **tiny thunder booming**
1. Terrorists = social hackers and virus writers
2. wow, that storm ended quickly

Sadly, that brainstorm was a waste of time. I came up with one good idea that, even with a lot of time, would turn into a very redundant explanation of a perfect comparison. And the other idea was just a glaring realization.

So, basically, I'll have to use real life topics from my own life.

real life topics
1. getting my license revoked for a month
2. appealing that court decision
3. rewriting that appeal and still not having redone the first sentence
4. trying to turn in the appeal before the end of this month
5. waiting for my amp to get back
6. powering the new subwoofers (omg wtf they r0x0r) with that amp once it returns
7. working at being better at UPS every day
8. finishing this overly drawn out list of topics that is in part, but not whole, in chronological order

Well, I'll just throw out all the ones having to do with the license revokage by saying this: I NEED TO FINISH THE APPEAL...and make it seem like less of a demand...

As for the good stuff, I'll just leave them at that considering that this entry has already --

*Please insert 50 cents to continue your call*

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 11:10 PM CDT
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Sunday, 29 May 2005

Free Form...
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Electric Six - Vibrator
Topic: Randomization?
Looks like an emergency, well thats okay with me cause i wanna trap you in this elevator. Looks like you're my baby now, so put away that thing cause my baby don't need no vibrator

(I'm the) I'm the one you're looking for. (I'm sure) I'm sure you've heard it all before. (I care) But I don't care anymore. (I'm sorry) But I don't know what I'm sorry for.
She don't, she don't, she don't, need no vibrator;
She don't, she don't, she don't, need no vibrator;
She don't, she don't, she don't,
need no electric entertainer, tuna investigator.

Now the doors are opening, and I look like a jerk while you're grinning like an alligata, can't we just forget the whole thing, shake each others hands and say goodbye baby, see you later

need no artificial stimulator, non-organic excavator

need no electric entertainer, tuna investigator

She don't, she don't, she don't
-trails off and repeats-"

Yep, great song. As is Rock and Roll Evacuation. But, seeing as that I've begun this, I'll actually give you content other than song lyrics. And, going with the title of the post, it will be a poem.

Not to go off topic, but I'll exit the current topic for a moment and give you your thought mid post. Breaks apart my day into yet another unexplainable fork in the mind, and overly entertains me. But, continuing my tangent, "I understand that angelfire is run by a bunch of insane HTML, javascript, and XML geniuses, but where in their board meetings of idea collaboration did 'hug me' become considered as a mood? The only kind of mood it could convey would be 'retarded'. And thats more of a mind set...or disease. (ie. "Hey, how are you feeling?" Jane said to Tommy and almost suddenly, she saw his eyes glaze over as if his brain had gone into a sudden meltdown in reaction to the question. His mouth slowly curved into a menacing smile, the kind of smile that only people with special needs could give you. "Hug me!" He said, almost lunging toward her in a mindless, zombielike state of being.)." Also, I would like you to note the literary prowess within those parenthesis. Dually note it.

Now, back to the topic. Here's a poem (free-form poem) that I wrote during the time that I was supposed to be working on my "Great Gatsby" Paper (I'm also supposed to be working on it now. heh.).

Brain Storm - by Josh Allison

The clouds have run dry...
These avenues of thought have been paved into a vast expanse of dust and tranquility...
In my awareness, I have yet to find ideas...
Overwhelmed by my realization of nothing, I stand, teetering, on the edge of sanity...
Unable to conjure the rain...
A lack of a storm...
A drought of the mind...

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 9:59 PM CDT
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Sunday, 8 May 2005

Thinking of a Transgression Above Angelfire....
Now Playing: Franz Ferdinand - Auf Achse
And its name is Livejournal, or even possibly its second cousin twice removed, Xanga. Either way, I may have to pack up my bags of emotion and words, shut this thing down, and set off anew with a newer, more prominent, brother of the blogging scene.

Everyone, including myself, have hated angelfire for such a long time. It was a very good stepping stone, however, into my world of ideas being released unto the populous. Maybe the people of my new expanse of literary territory will be more accepting of my rants...

But, seeing this as one of my last entries in this old gr(e or a, your choice in fact)y mare which has carried me through many a day of my need for extensive ranting, I'll try and make it good. Currently, I've been lifting weights, so most of my rage has been released in a totally unnatural act, all in the attempt to make me 'feel better' about myself. Personally, I don't have a clue why I'm doing it. I don't have a really big problem with myself as somewhat overweight. Apparently, this is conveyed to me as a 'problem', feeling okay with myself that is. This is why we have things like "fat free ice cream" and "sugar free energy drinks", all so people can increase the stereotype that we, the slightly overweight, should feel bad about ourselves. Here's what I say to fat free food stuffs: if you don't want the fat content, don't friggen (making this a little bit nicer *one word at a time*) eat it. Oh, the chocolate ice cream is too fattening? Cry then. Cry the fatness away. And after you cry, drink some water because keeping hydrated will help you lose weight. I, one of this populous of the 'weight challenged', have been able to keep up eating fast food 5 days a week (and not cut down (double quarter pounder meal, foot long sub, ULTIMATE DOUBLE WHOPPER), and keep all my meals normal, and amazingly, I'm still slowly but surely losing weight sometimes, but at least staying at a constant (not going up, thats for sure)...

This is because I'm not just constantly throwing my hard earned cash at the 'health food' producers. I bit the bullet, grabbed my 23 lbs (roughly, it was originally metric), and decided to do things the better way. I, personally, don't care how people view me, and as long as i don't care, I'll feel good. So, to all who joined the health food craze, I'll send out a nice big whoopti-friggen-doo and an imaginary cake which you won't eat.

Bottom line: If you feel fat, but don't want to give up your favorite foods...Exercise. It's that simple. And for those who actually buy that fat-free, processed to be healthier, crap they plaster onto billboards to prolong the stereotype that the overweight populous is a bunch of damned lazy pansy's...I say to go blow a goat. Oh wait....a fat-free goat, otherwise you wouldn't do it. That's all.

And BTW, I gave blood on Friday, which gives me the right to be tired and annoyed. And slightly woozy, which I surprisingly wasn't. Overall, I did my public service for the year and got a free Pepsi, orange juice, and cookies out of it. Basically, I win, you may not have lost but you definitely didn't win as well as I did. OWNED!!

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 12:09 AM CDT
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Saturday, 23 April 2005

Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: "The Shins - Caring is Creepy" merging into "Yellowcard - Empty Apartment"
Topic: Randomization?
"I think I'll go home and mull this over, 'fore they cram it down my throat. At long last it's crashed, its colossal mass is broken up..."
-The Shins - Caring is Creepy

So, finally, I felt the joys of not only being a chauffer, but also the third wheel to a double date gone wrong. However, it wasn't so bad, seeing as the two I went with weren't totally illacceptant of talking to me. The movie we went to see was "The Interpreter" and it wasn't as bad as they seemed to make it out to be. It did start off slowly and most of the entertainment and action happened within the last 20-25 minutes, but the slow start was at least somewhat justified. Plus, I suppose it did serve the purpose of getting the viewer into line with the characters and thusly, a deeply driven love or hate for them (as deeply as a 90 minutes film can get you).

Personally, I hope that Laura wasn't lying when she said that she had to stay home because her cousin was having a birthday party. I would have to do something if that were a lie...and it would involve my workout gloves (padded for a little extra protection), 4 ibuprofen and a 45 minute waiting time, and the support beam in my basement. I don't really think I'd resort to that again...but I haven't released any rage for a long time. It's just building up and I can almost not stand it. I need to quit holding it inside to build and grow.

Final thought: I don't have a clue how I'm still awake...How can one person spray that much cologne and is the first day that I realized that a high can come from cologne spraying.

And with that, I smell like cologne....lots of cologne.

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 12:14 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Now Playing: The Exies - Splinter
"Im battered and bruised, Scratched on the inside;
Im losing myself, im so sick of the lies;
Dead ring in my ears, the hole underneath;
Youre deep in my skin,youre the splinter in me."

So, it's been a while and a few things have happened. These things consisting of life in general; (the usage of an elipsis would be appropriate, but I will restrain myself) namely mine.

So, seeing as I haven't yet 'gone for it', I suppose I should inform all my readers (feeling optimistic yet again in my search for escape from this social ineptitude, codenamed: my life) that my plan is to go for it within the next two weeks. Hypothetically, I may have seen a couple of signs that a mutual acceptance may be reached after this step has been taken by me, and no matter how awkward these snowshoes of courage that I'm currently wearing may be, I'll have to hobble my way into a stance that will allow me to do so and see if these signs were not just a figment of my somewhat deranged sense of self assurance that I am, in fact, not striving for the unattainable. In fact, in my current state, I don't even have the energy to reread that last sentence to make sure it makes sense, but either way, it contains my thoughts, and thusly, if you want them and they are, truly, encoded within a labyrinth of thought, you'll have to get out your machete of decyphering and forge onward.

Besides this, the girl and I (notice the proper grammar?) were the only ones in our english class to be pulled aside and asked to attend a presentation by Harvard. We'll be pulled out of 3rd hour, and this may be where I hobble on over and try not to trip over the tennis rackets on my feet which metaphysically embody my courage. In fact, I'm sure that I might even take the snowshoes off for a day, and when this day comes, I will finally release myself from my inner torments.

But, basically, the reason that people don't understand (or read in general) my rants, Max, is that I engulf them with a longing to grab a dictionary at times due to a thing which Ryan (a kid in my networking class) most lovingly dubbed as "the spreading of the gap of intelligence differences" that we, the human race, are slowly creating. (ex. Smart people want other smart people; Dumb people can't get smart people; smart+smart=smarter offspring and the inverse, etc.)

Surprisingly to me, though, is the fact that the dumbed down ones are the only ones who read rants. That and disturbed people like ourselves. It seems to be an unending torrent of things correlating against me and my need to be heard. A capping off of my thoughts, leaving them here in this tiny amount of blog space to slowly ferment in their own juices.

Sadly, this is the outcome. The ending of this rant. No discoveries. No revelations. Just a deep misunderstanding of all things in the world. Left to be solved or reminisced about later on.

But as for me, it is time for this one to come to a close.
**top of the case is lowered to the bottom of the case**
**latch snaps**
**combination lock spins in infamy, defying all who wish to trespass within**

and it is done
my world of writing has ended for today
and I am 17 again

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 8:06 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Minor Annoyances
Now Playing: Green Day - Homecoming
Topic: Annoyances?
Okay, okay, it has been about forever and a half in dog years since I last entered into this little endeavor of life codenamed 'my blog', but still, that should give you the impression that I have a lot to type about. However, if you were to have assumed that, you would have been horribly....correct. So what if I didn't reveal a full and utterly mindnumbing sense of irony seemingly dropping on you like a 40 gallon bag full of tennis balls from the other side of the gravity chamber....well....tossed, i guess.
Anywho, I enjoy these little tangents. Anyone who disagrees: you can't disagree with my opinion. It is mine, and thusly, not yours. An epiphany I say.
Over the course of this forever and a half, I got worked to the brink of sanity (I know, how did I survive almost not needing therapy?), almost failed two classes, put in my two weeks notice after the boss wouldn't meet my demands, a week into my two weeks, the boss walked out on the job, my demands were the district manager....and I now have 4 people gunning (with machine guns of monotony, the most threatening of all workforce weaponry) to get me my overly deserved raise. Now, instead of the 37 hours + school weeks I was working, I now have a flippin' awesome 16 and a half hours, which includes the benefits of 4 days off a week and a lower tax bracket, so I only make 50 bucks less per check.
And for anyone who wanted to know, the song is still not done. Almost, but not quite. Wait for it......................................................................Now. It is complete. A 9.4 minute compilation of a bunch of songs merging together into a soliloquy of musical mastery. And now, to finish the post with my new favorite DragonForce song, Starfire.
I have completely lost track of my train. It was quite the speedy train and I doubt that my speed and vigor after being up this long has the potency required to regain my spot on the caboose. That, personally, was a great metaphor. You know it!

Well, seeing as I've overstayed my welcome in this pixel based thatched roof college of a blog, I shall end this out as normal.

Here is your thought:
"Oh, a pacifist...isn't that what babies suck on?"
"No, you're thinking of a pedifile."
"That's not right at's a pacifier"
"Oh, I don't know what I was thinking then..."

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 2:04 AM CST
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Thursday, 30 December 2004

Random Update!
Now Playing: Hoobastank - Same Direction
Okay, as you might be able to tell, I've got the counter back up, but it's all screwed up right now. I will try to fix it, but that may take longer than I previously expected. Probably about a minute, but still. Also, I may or may not have added the picture again, but for now, it won't be a link to the profile because angelfire is being gay. Peace out until the next entry.

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 8:27 PM CST
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Sunday, 26 December 2004

Best Categories....
Now Playing: Quarashi - Mr. Jinx
Topic: Language?
By Which to Categorize The Greatest (English) Words.

Okay, here is a list (with examples of each) of categories into which the best words of all time fall into. It may take a while for me to do, what with all the revisions and such, but you won't notice because I shall post this when it is finished.

The first category would have to be 'descriptive feelings of anger' words. I believe the title covers it.
Examples of this would be 'loathe', 'disdain', 'hatred', and even sometimes the phrase "like Jesus hates an anti-Christ" (as long as it is the main thought of the statement, otherwise, it is not as useful or straight forward). Usually, these words can be accompanied quite nicely by 'perpetuated', 'unending', or even a combination of the two such as "A perpetual torrent of unending loathing is plaguing my mind by the sight of you now".

Next on the list would be the 'horribly long-ish descriptive' words. These are the words that, unless they apply well or you're trying to hit on a girl with a poem or something, aren't used very often in normal conversation.
Examples being 'iridescence', 'quintessential', 'irrepressible', 'nonsensical', 'perpetuating', 'inconsequential', 'inconceivable', and even the occasional 'unconditional' (as long as it is used correctly and not often). All of the words under this list will make you sound a bit more intelligent and sometimes hated by the world, and if they too share your intelligence, you may hear words that fit into the first category. If so, be sure to e-mail them to me so that I can enhance this list.

On to the next. 'The somewhat undefinable' words. These are the open ended words. Those words that you only say when you don't really have a definite answer. Or also when you don't want someone to know whether you have a definite answer.
Examples: 'possible', 'somewhat', 'maybe', 'should', 'could', and 'may'. All are excellent examples and are used so much in daily language that the extra description of them would be redundant.

And, the last category, 'alternate space filler' words. These are words that make almost anything said sound more eloquent and well stated and just basically make it so you can talk longer without actually saying anything.
Betting you want examples. Well, here they art: 'well', 'indeed', 'quite', 'grand', 'basically', and also, repeating a word twice is also a good example (ie. 'yes, yes, it is quite the grand idea', one rule on this is to not do it repeatedly within the same day. This leads to redundancy and people will begin to lose confidence in your ability to sustain your utmost eloquence.)

Overall, I believe I have set forth an awesome list full of grandeur and other words of the sort. Beyond that, I'm finished.

Thought: "Why is Catch-22 just about the greatest book of all time? It still hasn't lost me in the undeterred resourcefulness of my trying to finish it and I've been trying for a good 3 months."

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 11:04 PM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 29 December 2004 10:03 PM CST
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Thursday, 23 December 2004

My Oncoming Insanity
Now Playing: Cake - Tougher Than It Is
Topic: Annoyances?
First of all, before I begin to rant about the title, I would like to reflect upon the newest Cake cd. It is the first cd I have bought in a good 6 months, and I find it to be a decent cd. However, to my (and i use this word loosely) dismay, Rolling Stone magazine has given it a 2 out of 5.
I now, and officially forever will from now on, hate Rolling Stone magazine. Any money that has been directly or indirectly given to them by me will now be cut off. I will discover all, if any, amounts of money given to them and stop giving it. Also, I will no longer refer to them as Rolling Stone magazine, but as a slightly reminiscent, yet agreeably different name. This name shall be "Meandering Rock Press and Bindery Assortments ltd.". So, from now on, the MRPBA shall forever and a half be hated by me and, by means of last will intestament and a threat of losing all of their inheritances, hated by my children as well.
Now, with that over and done with, on to my revelation upon which I stumbled about 10 minutes ago. I realized as I drank my strangely milk flavoured (notice the old world awesomeness) water, that it is quite possible that in my search for total sanity, I have become insane. It is a paradox that I never realized could happen. Yet, it is very logical. Overdoing something usually results in an adverse and opposite, even unwanted, outcome. This can be shown well with this equation that you of the math world will understand. The function 'f' of 'u' is equal to the speed of light divided by the constant 'k' [ f(u)=c/k ]. As you can see, this explains the insanity quite well.
Anywho, I am pretty ranted out. Peace for now, and if you see me on the street with anything but a roll of duct tape, know that I am crazy and should be handled with being a straight jacket.

Here's your thought: "Why do I hate Meandering Rock Press and Bindery Assortments ltd. so much? Is it because the writers are horrible at reviewing things and still get paid 4 times as much as me?"

Yes....yes it is.

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 12:26 AM CST
Updated: Thursday, 30 December 2004 8:10 PM CST
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