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Discount Bloggers Anonymous

Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Minor Annoyances
Now Playing: Green Day - Homecoming
Topic: Annoyances?
Okay, okay, it has been about forever and a half in dog years since I last entered into this little endeavor of life codenamed 'my blog', but still, that should give you the impression that I have a lot to type about. However, if you were to have assumed that, you would have been horribly....correct. So what if I didn't reveal a full and utterly mindnumbing sense of irony seemingly dropping on you like a 40 gallon bag full of tennis balls from the other side of the gravity chamber....well....tossed, i guess.
Anywho, I enjoy these little tangents. Anyone who disagrees: you can't disagree with my opinion. It is mine, and thusly, not yours. An epiphany I say.
Over the course of this forever and a half, I got worked to the brink of sanity (I know, how did I survive almost not needing therapy?), almost failed two classes, put in my two weeks notice after the boss wouldn't meet my demands, a week into my two weeks, the boss walked out on the job, my demands were the district manager....and I now have 4 people gunning (with machine guns of monotony, the most threatening of all workforce weaponry) to get me my overly deserved raise. Now, instead of the 37 hours + school weeks I was working, I now have a flippin' awesome 16 and a half hours, which includes the benefits of 4 days off a week and a lower tax bracket, so I only make 50 bucks less per check.
And for anyone who wanted to know, the song is still not done. Almost, but not quite. Wait for it......................................................................Now. It is complete. A 9.4 minute compilation of a bunch of songs merging together into a soliloquy of musical mastery. And now, to finish the post with my new favorite DragonForce song, Starfire.
I have completely lost track of my train. It was quite the speedy train and I doubt that my speed and vigor after being up this long has the potency required to regain my spot on the caboose. That, personally, was a great metaphor. You know it!

Well, seeing as I've overstayed my welcome in this pixel based thatched roof college of a blog, I shall end this out as normal.

Here is your thought:
"Oh, a pacifist...isn't that what babies suck on?"
"No, you're thinking of a pedifile."
"That's not right at's a pacifier"
"Oh, I don't know what I was thinking then..."

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 2:04 AM CST
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