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Discount Bloggers Anonymous

Sunday, 8 May 2005

Thinking of a Transgression Above Angelfire....
Now Playing: Franz Ferdinand - Auf Achse
And its name is Livejournal, or even possibly its second cousin twice removed, Xanga. Either way, I may have to pack up my bags of emotion and words, shut this thing down, and set off anew with a newer, more prominent, brother of the blogging scene.

Everyone, including myself, have hated angelfire for such a long time. It was a very good stepping stone, however, into my world of ideas being released unto the populous. Maybe the people of my new expanse of literary territory will be more accepting of my rants...

But, seeing this as one of my last entries in this old gr(e or a, your choice in fact)y mare which has carried me through many a day of my need for extensive ranting, I'll try and make it good. Currently, I've been lifting weights, so most of my rage has been released in a totally unnatural act, all in the attempt to make me 'feel better' about myself. Personally, I don't have a clue why I'm doing it. I don't have a really big problem with myself as somewhat overweight. Apparently, this is conveyed to me as a 'problem', feeling okay with myself that is. This is why we have things like "fat free ice cream" and "sugar free energy drinks", all so people can increase the stereotype that we, the slightly overweight, should feel bad about ourselves. Here's what I say to fat free food stuffs: if you don't want the fat content, don't friggen (making this a little bit nicer *one word at a time*) eat it. Oh, the chocolate ice cream is too fattening? Cry then. Cry the fatness away. And after you cry, drink some water because keeping hydrated will help you lose weight. I, one of this populous of the 'weight challenged', have been able to keep up eating fast food 5 days a week (and not cut down (double quarter pounder meal, foot long sub, ULTIMATE DOUBLE WHOPPER), and keep all my meals normal, and amazingly, I'm still slowly but surely losing weight sometimes, but at least staying at a constant (not going up, thats for sure)...

This is because I'm not just constantly throwing my hard earned cash at the 'health food' producers. I bit the bullet, grabbed my 23 lbs (roughly, it was originally metric), and decided to do things the better way. I, personally, don't care how people view me, and as long as i don't care, I'll feel good. So, to all who joined the health food craze, I'll send out a nice big whoopti-friggen-doo and an imaginary cake which you won't eat.

Bottom line: If you feel fat, but don't want to give up your favorite foods...Exercise. It's that simple. And for those who actually buy that fat-free, processed to be healthier, crap they plaster onto billboards to prolong the stereotype that the overweight populous is a bunch of damned lazy pansy's...I say to go blow a goat. Oh wait....a fat-free goat, otherwise you wouldn't do it. That's all.

And BTW, I gave blood on Friday, which gives me the right to be tired and annoyed. And slightly woozy, which I surprisingly wasn't. Overall, I did my public service for the year and got a free Pepsi, orange juice, and cookies out of it. Basically, I win, you may not have lost but you definitely didn't win as well as I did. OWNED!!

Posted by games4/joshstigames at 12:09 AM CDT
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