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Well, I'm personally hoping that I can appeal this thing. Would be better than not having a license for a month.
Yep, Josh Got SERVED.


OMG. It has almost been a whole year since I last updated the old homepage. I may not have any new content, but at least this way, you know I haven't completely forgotten. Mainly, I've been, i'm lazy.

So, until next time...I'm rich nitch, I'm a reel big Tymer.


Added a lot more stuff to my site. May have to take off the songs though...and as of now, they are no longer on the main page. Apparently, copyright infringement is one of those, 'if you get caught' things. And frankly (bobly) I don't want to 'get caught'. Well, here's the new stuff.

Ben Vs. The Ogre
Ben, Doing His Homework
(56K, beware)
Take that, Hitler. Gettin whomped by a polish yodeler.

That's about all, until next time, I'm out (like an aborted fetus)


A few days have passed and I am finally done with drivers ed. Haven't done an extreme amount. Enjoy the new rant, and the new drawing is coming soon. I may even expose you to my mediocre skills at drawing people.

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