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Jamie's Emulation Headquarters

Jamie's Emulation Headquarters

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Save Enterprise


Home Made Arcade Machine (Lots of Pictures, may take a while to load)

Use Console Controllers on your PC

HomeMade Car Cd-Player

How to hook up more headsets to Xbox Live

My Computer



10/28/2006: I know it has been a very long time since I have done anything to this website. I was promoted to assistant manager a while ago and since then I've been very busy. Maybe I will update this website soon. Stay tuned.

08/21/2003: I have been very busy at work. We just moved to our new location and got a whole new store design. It looks great. Anyways, since the last time I updated, I have built two new computer. I built a new water cooled system that looks awesome. My first time with a liquid cooled system before. My other computer was unexpected. I saw on techtv where someone stuffed a computer inside an old 8-bit NES case. I just had to try it and it works great. I have posted pics of both computers.

01/26/2003: Yes I know, it has been a long time since I have updated anything on my site. I apologize (school, work, holidays ya know). I got a Xbox now. So I now have a NES, Sega Genesis, Playstation, Playstation 2, GameCube, and Xbox (don't forget the arcade machine). I did get Xbox Live this christmas and last November I got the game Steel Battalion for Xbox. It is awesome. The controller rocks :> . I wanted to hook up a second headset to my Xbox Live adapter that goes in the controller so me and another person could play the MotoGP demo online without spending another $50 dollars to get another one (I already had a headset for my computer and cell phone). So I figured out how to do it and added a link to the zip file with all the details.

06/06/2002: I re-printed my marquee, added new speakers and did a little art work on the arcade machine. I also posted pictures.

05/01/02: It has been a while since I have updated this website. I have been very busy in college. Off the subject of arcade machines I have converted a cd-rom drive from a pc to a portable audio cd player for my car. I will try to post pictures of it sometime. I will also list the part numbers that I used to build it.

05/01/02: I just finished this semester of college and I passed all of my classes :>. I made a new page for the HomeMade Cd-Player for the car. I will post assembly instructions and some more pictures when I get around to it.

03/30/02: I purchased a I-PAC and re-wired the control pannel again. It works great now. I am working on power buttons, speakers, and the coin switch. I am close to completing the arcade machine.

02/20/02: I have finally finished the rewiring of the control pannel. I gutted all of the old wiring out and used cat5 cable to rewire all of the buttons. I will post a picture of the updated wiring soon. I am also going to start construction on a N64 controller interface that i saw on . I ordered the cmos 4006 chips from and I will receive the chips next week. I hope it works.

02/11/02: I have put more games on the arcade machine and I will try to put a program called Visual Pinball on it. It simulates a pinball machine on your computer just like mame simulates an arcade machine.

02/06/02: I finished the keyboard splitter so I can now switch between the control pannel and the keyboard without having to swap connections all the time.

02/04/02: I finished the computer and it is working. I just ordered a new video card for it that has svideo, rca, and vga out on it for $52.00 on I should have it by the end of the week.

01/25/02: I worked on the computer some more and it seems to be working now. I'm at RadioShack (thats where I work) now installing windows 98 on it and it should work now. I will try to post pictures soon.

01/23/02: I finished building the pc for the arcade machine. I tried to install the operating system on it but it turns out that I have a problem with the cd-rom drive. It is too old and the computer will not operate it properly so I am going to buy one today and cross my fingers that that is what's wrong.

01/16/02: I just received the parts for the new computer I am building for the arcade machine. I bought a AMD K6-2 550 mhz processor for the new computer. It is all put together an all that is left is to get the operating system on it.

11/19/01: I just beat the game Luigi's Mansion for GAMECUBE and I am working on the Hidden Mansion level.

11/18/01 12:01 AM: I just purchased a NINTENDO GAMECUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waited in line for 3 hours. I purchased Luigi's Mansion, Memory card, and a INDIGO GAMECUBE for $280.00.

11/14/01: I have just found out some really important news for all of you Nintendo fans. GameSpy sent me a newsletter that said that the gamecube may be released early but I hope I can still get a gamecube. I already got to play one at Super WAL-MART and I really like it.

11/1/01: I just received the t-molding for the arcade machine(40 feet to be exact). I just started to cut slots in the edges of the particle board for the t-molding to go in. It will take a while because I have already striped two cutting wheels on my dremel tool doing that and I'm not even half way done.

10/25/01: It has been a while since I have posted an update. I have just recently purchased the coin mech for the arcade machine and 100 brass tokens for the coin mech. I am waiting for the t-molding for the edges of the wood because it is on backorder. When I get the coin mech installed I will post a picture of it

11/1/01: The coin mech is mounted and I just purchased a touchpad mouse for the control panel. I am 50% done rewiring the control panel and I will post a picture of the coin mech.

9/28/01: I have to rewire my control panel but I will try to update soon.

9/24/01: I have installed the glass for the screen and I have put a glass overlay on the control panel. I will post pictures soon.

9/10/01: I have purchased the glass for the screen and will soon be installing it.

9/4/01: I have finished the control panel and I am cutting the holes for the speakers.

8/28/01: I have completed the control panel and I will post a picture of it soon.

8/27/01: I have purchased a 19 inch tv for my arcade machine screen and almost completed the control panel wiring. I will try to post pictures tonight.

8/22/01: I just received the parts for my control panel for the arcade machine and I will begin construction tonight.