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Denture Repair Testimonials



Just want to express my appreciation for the outstanding service you provided for the recent repair of my denture, and the excellent 'Spare' you created. An excellent job, done very quickly.

Many thanks,
Richard Klaxton



The owner of EZDenture Repair impressed me with his high personal integrity. My lower plate broke in two places because it had not been made correctly in the first place. By collaborating with me EZDenture actually did more than repair it, they re-manufactured it and made it better than new!

N. R. Brown
Red Bluff, CA



Dentures arrived an hour ago and they are perfect. Thank you for your fast and terrific service. If you want a testimonial for your web page, let me know what part of this terrific experience you want me to highlight and I will be happy to do that. Again, Thank you so much.

Sandi Williams
San Antonio, TX



It's been about a week now & I wanted to be sure all was okay with my dentures before thanking you. They are better than okay ... they are beautiful! Haven't looked that good over the last twenty years. Also, just having the Duplicate Dentures on hand for any emergency backup makes me more confident to just go ahead and use these teeth normally and not 'baby' them. I am really happy with these results. Many thanks.

Jim Cherry





James Stanley Masom
Murfreesboro, Tenn



I was unhappy with repairs to my lower denture that I had had done locally. I decided to try to find another facility to repair my denture for a reasonable price. Your procedures, prices, and promised turn-around time seemed good, so I decided to try your service.

You provided everything promised, and more. I mailed my dentures priority mail on Tuesday evening; they arrived at EZ Dentures on Friday morning; and I received the repaired dentures the following Monday. I received a call from Phil Defranco on Friday because he needed more information regarding my credit card (I messed up the number when I sent in my order) - despite my error, Phil was very pleasant when he called to let me know I needed to correct the information, and he still managed to repair and mail my dentures the same day.

I think I will be much happier with my newly-repaired lower denture. I told Phil that it seemed to be too thin in the middle, which I'm sure contributed to the problems I had after they were repaired by someone else previously. I can tell that Phil paid attention and my denture is more substantial where it had been too thin before. It still fits great, and I'm very happy with my experience with EZ Dentures.

Thank you.

Greg Hoane



I wanted to thank you. I was surprised at the fast service and excellent workmanship. Now I'll have to get used to them again. They feel great. Once again, thanks for everything.

Clarence Scott



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