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Denture Repair Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dentures can you repair?

At Phil's Choppers we can repair full dentures and partial dentures. Just send us all the pieces and we'll put it back together as good as new!


Can you repair Valplast partials and flexible partials?

When it comes to Valplast and flexible partials we CAN replace a broken tooth, but they CANNOT be fixed if they have a piece broken off of them or they are in half (two or more pieces).


Should I repair my dentures with a repair kit?

Our best advice is this is NEVER a good idea. Your dentures precisely fit your mouth and any disfigurement can cause irritation and sores. You can seriously damage your dentures so they are impossible to repair correctly. Someone who lacks the proper training and materials will almost always damage the denture beyond repair. It is always best to have an experienced dentist or dental lab technician repair your dentures. They can fix them 99% of the time and they will fit just like new!  See our DIY Repair page for more information.


Can you fix a denture that has missing teeth if I don't have the teeth that fell out?

Yes! We can replace teeth that fell out and are lost. We have replacement teeth in stock and we will match the color or get it as close to the current color as we can.


How long have you been in business?

Our MDT (Master Dental Technician) has over 25 years experience in dental and denture lab experience. The RapidDentureRepair dental lab currently services dozens of dentists in the PA area.


I am worried about shipping my dentures through the mail. How can I be sure to get them back?

In the 20 years we've been providing our customers with mail service denture repairs we have never lost a denture. It is best to ship your dentures using a "Small Priority Mail flat rate" box. The cost is only $4.95. It is IMPORTANT for peace of mind to ask for "Delivery Confirmation" on the package. This will give you a tracking number so you know where it is at all times right up until it's put into our P.O. Box. Delivery Confirmation costs .70 cents bringing the 2-day delivery to just $5.65. This is the cheapest, best way to ship your dentures.  See our shipping page for all the details.


What is a duplicate denture?

A duplicate denture is an exact copy of your current denture. It can be used temporarily while your main denture is being repaired or cleaned. It is the perfect solution for anyone who never wants to be stuck without teeth again! When you send in your denture for repair we can make a copy of it and send it to you in just a few days! Keep in mind, that a duplicate denture is for emergency use only. It is not a permanent replacement. If it is used for a LONG period of time (2 months straight or more) it will wear out. The teeth are copies of the teeth on the original denture, they are not separate denture teeth as on the original but fabricated teeth made out of acrylic from a mold of the original denture.


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