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Why You Should Never Buy A Denture Repair Kit!


IT IS NOT the quality of materials you get in a denture repair kit exactly (some are better than others.)

It comes down to the dental tools you have available, and how to use them.

About $800 worth of equipment is used during a professional denture repair, not to mention the expertise to get the denture pieces back to the same condition.

One example is matching the size, shape and color of a lost denture tooth. A kit will supply teeth of an average color and size which may not match the rest of your denture.

As a dentist with 31 years of practice and one of the doctors at Phil's Choppers , I can't begin to tell you how much using a denture repair kit is never recommended, implied, or even for sale at Phil's Choppers .

"Don't do it..." is our best advice!

It's not about the materials it's about the skill set and appropriate tools.

Would you start to fix your car engine with the right materials but with a few screw drivers, a hammer, and adjustable wrench?.

Maybe you have.

Did you find out the hard way?

You will spend more on the appropriate tools than to have a professional do the job correctly in the first place. You could always borrow tools for the one-time repair if you have a good friend who's a dentist or laboratory technician.

Imagine that conversation...

"I bought a $39 denture repair kit with the acrylic and denture teeth to repair my broken denture. I'm wondering if I could borrow your...

1. lathe
2. lab handpiece
3. pressure curing pot
4. grinding stones
5. polishing wheels
6. instruments
7. lab putty
8. pumice
9. and denture polish

... so I can get a good result?"

Instead of paying $125 to $300 dollars for repairs locally, Phil's Choppers has a solution for online buyers... 
For only $59 dollars you can have a trained full service dental repair lab fix them for you by written prescription.

Trying to fix dentures yourself can cost you a lot more if you are trying to glue them or use improper adhesives. In fact, most times the denture is ruined. It is NOT worth your time to end up with a denture that is not eligible for a repair. What is the cost to buy new dentures because you tried to fix them yourself?

Do you have $400, $1500, $2000 or more for new dentures?  
Honestly for only $59 dollars you will save money, avoid effort, and get instant professional help in this matter.

Call today and you will get the most cost effective denture repair solution by a 31 year dentist for only $59. No extra costs. This is for any repair you have that is fixable. Call and tell our lab what your repair is. You get an answer on the phone (570)350-0850 .

Any order shipped to us that is unrepairable will be sent back to you
free of charge. So you see you have nothing to lose. No hidden cost and free shipping!

Send your order to:

PO Box 301, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Go to the shipping section on RapidDentureRepair for packing instructions.
It's easy to order, all you have to do is send your broken dentures to
us and the shipping is free.

We are here for all your denture repair needs.

Our dental lab will serve you and your family quickly and easily. You'll get your denture fixed and returned with free shipping in 24 hours guaranteed.

Let us do your denture repair, never do this yourself. For only $59 let us handle your denture repair quickly and professionally. You'll be glad you did!

Charlie Toothacher
Owner of Phil's Choppers

Call NOW (570)350-0850 !
We're happy to answer any questions you may have!



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