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Land of the Rising Gear.
An Emporium on Guilty Gear and Street Fighter Trivia.

Welcome to this new website on the new generation of 2D Fighting Games- Guilty Gear, and the old classic of 2D Fighting Games- Street Fighter. Yup, I know- 2D Fighting Games are rather old hat, but I already did a website on the cream of 3D Fighting Games. This site is in its infancy, but I hope to expand it to better horizons and who knows? I might add more games info here along the way! ^^

Updates- 19th July 2004.
Again, not a big update. Sorry! News has been rather slow. Added A.B.A's moves, along with the new Robo-Ky Mk II's avatar on the Guilty Gear profiles page. Got more free time however, so more sections, articles and info should come along in the upcoming days- such as profiles for the Capcom Fighting Jam characters, and continuing on the SF character stories. Perhaps also an extra game to add to this site *thoughtful look*

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Disclaimer: Guilty Gear© (Sammy) and Street Fighter© (Capcom) are trademarks of their respectful companies. The Games, and their characters, are of their creation and not of mine. I just own some of the games and felt that making a website about them would be neat and informative.