Super Ninja Fighters

Review By: Chris "Dines"

Truth to tell, when I first saw SNF, I nearly died. I'd given up lego when I was 11, why would I suddenly want to play a game where a pair of lego people fought to the death in a quadruplet of seemingly bland levels? But "No", I thought to myself, "if Ryan wants me to test this, then so be it!". So, as the picture of determination, I and my Brother set about beating the living plastic out of our little lego men until we had a winner... It was about 5 minutes to the end of the round that I realised I was actually enjoying it (which is more than you can say for a similar game I made, which was just crap from start to end!).

You see, behind the big yellow title screen is a game that is well designed and runs smoothly. So anyone who disliked this game, bite your tongues and read on...

Good point No.1:- Graphics(!?!) Graphics!?! Poor lad must be a spanner, 3 screws and a hacksaw short of one already busted toolkit. But halt, you criticising vipers, you! In only 2 days, a normal person would find it very difficult to make a game with amazing graphics in just 2 days - people who don't use TGF forget just how long 3D modelling and pixel-by-pixel drawing actually takes! It's not just a case of an hour or so, oooooh, nononononononoNO!

Also, did you notice those rocks? The shading on them? Like it? Believe me, at least he put shading in it! Most TGF users won't even do that. And then they have the Irony to say it took them months to make their game! Ryan knocked their sweaty little socks off in just two days!

Good point No.2:- Gameplay Ok, I'll admit, it most certainly wasn't graphics that made me like SNF. The main plus point is the gameplay - the way it swallows you in it's anti-Legoman genocideal frenzy, and just won't puke you out again until you've beaten your opponent's little plastic head in! Like a game of pong on your old Amstrad PC, this perhaps not so pretty game is in actual fact very addictive.


Graphics are actually quite good (for a 2-days-in-the-making game)
Gameplay - this will keep you hooked for hours, make no mistake!

A little more time could have been spent on sounds. The hitting effects sounded like recordings from the National Slapping Expo' 2001 - if you don't have the CD version of TGF, you can get sounds from
Perhaps some more variety in the levels would have been better - a bit of scenery other than a load of rocks and Legomen.

OVERAL SCORE: 4/10 (very good for a two-day in the making game)

Creator's Reactions:

Well, thank you for all your compliments... despite your overall score.

I didn't know about the extra sounds that I could get, my library of sounds is quite limited and I spend much time online trying to find some that I could use in a game. Thankyou for the URL.

With the rocks, I was going for ancient ruins scenery. Of course with no story, nobody would ever suspect that. If and when I make a sequel, there will be more characters and scenery.

As for the levels, they're easy to make. E-mail me, and I'll give you a library of objects to create the level. Send me it back, and I will put it in newer versions, or the next game.