These are the games/libs that are my current projects, or that I plan on working on. I may go for a while without doing anything if I get distracted with another game, but I try to keep things coming out, even if they are small.

Current News: Man have I been neglecting THIS section! Wow. Well the current news for November, 2002 would be all projects are delayed indefinately. The thing is: I couldn't work on anything for a long wihle, due to switching over computers and one lacking a modem etc. etc. But now that I finally can I can't get into the swing of things again. Well I'm sure production will resume sometime.

Name Simu-Life (working Title)
Targeted Release Date Summer 2003
Description Ok: it's life, but better. I haven't thought of a suitable story yet but here's the game idea. You start out with no home and nothing in your pockets. You have to go around, getting jobs in different places around the city and work your way up to being the best. Or maybe you want to rob places for a living, instead. Or possibly you want to make a career as a professional boxer. The road you choose is up to you. It's life; it's open-ended.

The game features a birds-eye semi-3d view. As you walk under buildings that would block your sight, they become transparent. There's not much on it right now, but I have a working traffic system with cars that stop and go depending on what color the light is. "So what?" you might ask, but I'm happy I was able to do it, heheheheh. I'm also plannin gon a health system: you must take good care of yourself or you may wind up being sick the next day and missing a day of work or play. Also a happiness meter: keep yourself happy or else!

The objective: Live long and prosper.

Name Caveworm 2
Targeted Release Date Suspended Indefinately
Description Caveworm was a big hit. I got alot of compliments on it. It was also fairly easy to make compared to all my other games. Ok, get ready for this... imagine Caveworm 1... with 3D graphics! With just a bit more than an hour on some 3D modeling software, I was able to create some great graphics to use in Caveworm 2. Also, it is planned to come equipped with 2player capability, both cooperative and competitive.

Name Zelda Library
Targeted Release Date I forgot I was working on this...
Description Everybody loves The Legend of Zelda, right? It's a classic game. But have you ever wanted to make your own Zelda game? Using original graphics from The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Super Nintendo, I'm cutting and pasting a massive library full of everything you need to make a professional-looking Zelda game.

Name Mr. Happy 2
Targeted Release Date Never! The whole .gam file's gone missing. The game is dead
Description Sequel to my game, Mr. Happy. It will be much better. I have a demo of it, although it's a bit misleading. All questions will be answered in the full version.

Name Title Pending (None Yet) (currently called Adventures of Frank)
Targeted Release Date Never: Bugs in TGF have killed this game
Description I am always itching to do something new. I get bored with one program for a while (as you can see from the above). So, I figured, "Why don't I make something that doesn't have to make any sense whatsoever?" So I came up with the idea of this game. The story will not make sense until maybe the very end if I decide to wrap it all up. But it will be fun to play nevertheless and keep you guessing.