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March 20th, 2003

Joy! I finally got a new look. It took me a while to get around to it and to get the glitchy system of html to correctly display things, but I think it looks great! I am still working on my puzzle game and Simu-Life but I'm preoccupied with school and other activities. So you may have to wait a while for those.


March 20, 2003
New Site Design

Well I put aside schoolwork and chatting and working on games because I felt this site needed a new look. I buckled down for a couple hours, drew some graphics, screwed them up, drew some more, converted those wrong, drew some more, oops, eventually I got it. Then I had to make it in to the cells you see now. For some reason the html god didn't like me and decided to confront me with a problem in html. Through cheep tactics I bypassed that. Anyway, I have a new look. Tell me how you like it!

Jan. 22, 2003
New Game Announced

Well, I'm going to take my first crack at a puzzle game! It's a block-based game, where you have to match up 3 blocks of the same color in a row, by switching horizontally, blocks around and moving them into position. You must get rid of all the blocks. The catch is that you only have a certain number of moves. I've allready finished the engine for the game. All that is left is menu and level design. I'm getting a few of my game-making friends to help design some levels. Then I'll test them and sort them in to diferent catagories of difficulty. I'm hoping to get this out as soon as possible, without rushing it, of course. I'm aiming for the end of this month, though it will probably be more like the beginning of February.

September 3, 2002

Well I finished Bunny Shooter, it was never announced as a project, it was just something I did for a week and a half. Actually, I finished it a while ago. Actually, it's been on the site for a while and I just never updated the main page cuz I'm lazy. Anyway, it's a very cool game (not for young kids, by the way) where you shoot bunnies with an assortment of 4 different weapons. I put in a really cool (or sick, whichever way you look at it) effect where the bunnies explode into pieces. I'd tell you more about it but it's just too wrong! I also put in a really cool attack the boss does... although it takes you 13 levels to get there. Anyone who has used TGF or MMF will appreciate that attack... and then die from it.

July 26, 2002

Snake Runner is finished. Snake runner is what I've decided to call it and I hope it's not copyrighted and if it is I just hope nobody cares. Anyway, it has 13 levels that gradually get harder, 3 original songs, sounds, and 3 cheat codes. Completing the game on different difficulty levels reveals new cheat codes (Finishing it on Hard reveals the most useful cheat code). But I must warn you: it gets hard. I still haven't beat it yet.

July 46, 2002

A new game demo has arrived. This is definately a MUST-DOWNLOAD for anyone who's ever made games with KNP, TGF, or MMF. They said it couldn't be done! Ok, I said it couldn't be done. But I proved... myself... wrong.... Based on a game that I once played about a snake eating apples, I have created this: almost an exact duplicate. It's my first game to run in 320x240 resolution, so If there are any problems, email me about it. The effect that I'm most proud of is the way the segments for the snake actualy look like they're connecting to eachother. There are different segments, including Sideways, Up and Down, and 4 different corners. But enough about the technical stuff, here's what the game's about!

You are a snake! You need to eat apples! Apples are randomly placed about the level and you have to use the arrow keys to direct the snake to the apples. All you have to do is eat the apples and then slither out through the top of the screen without running into any sides or your own tail. Easy, right? Wrong! The catch is every time you eat an apple, you grow considerbly longer. Be careful not to make yourself a living trap! Go to the MMF Downloads page now and download the SnakeGame Demo now!

On another note: I made some changes to the site today. All games for download are now accompanied with a page with their very own hit counter. So now I can keep track of how many people download my files. And I added another new page for games made with MMF!