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NOTE: KNP Games may not work with all versions of Windows. TGF and MMF-made will, though.

Game Name Type Description Size Rating Made With
Necessary DLLs
N/A If you have any trouble running my games, download and run this installation to install necessary .dll files. Installs: cncs.dll, cncs32.dll, cncs323.dll. Currently does not have the dlls for KNP-made games. I am working on this. ... N/A N/A
Half-Life Pyro Pack Library Library (Not a game) My monotonous work has brought you excellent graphics of fires, explosions, and smoke from the popular and award-winning game, Half-Life. NOTE: you must turn on the OR ink effect for these graphics to work properly. Also, they only work on dark backgrounds. 904 KB Send a Review TGF
V. 2.00
Arcade It started off as inocent fun. Then I liked making it and got all these ideas. It turned out pretty cool. And I've done extensive beta testing to assure you that there are as few bugs as possible. If you like the idea of using 4 different types of weapons to shoot bunnies and watch their heads fly off, this game is for you. Note: This game may not be suitable for younger children, and has come with an option to turn the gore off, although it's still not childrens game. This game is the best example of graphics and programming I've done yet. 1.7 MB Send a Review MMF
V. 1.00
Arcade Excellent example of creative programming. Everything made by myself: graphics, sounds, music. This is a remake of a classic game. You are a snake, you must eat apples, but you can't run into stuff or your own tail. And every time you eat an apple you get bigger. You've probably played this before. 254 KB Send a Review MMF
Mr. Happy 2 Demo
V. 1.01
Platform Demo A demo of something great to come... sometime. I had originally planned it for a September release, but... stuff happens. Anyway, this is much better than the first one. Much, much better. It's good, just try it! 942 KB Send a Review TGF
Super Ninja Fighters (SNF)
V. 1.01
Platform, 2 player, fighting game Short, Simple, Fun. A 2-player only game that will keep you coming back for more (for a while anyway). I can honestly say that I believe this to be the best game ever... made over a period of... 2 days! The first 3 words of this description tell you all you need to know: It's short, simple and easy-to-use, and fun! 651 KB Read Reviews!

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V. 1.01
Arcade Based on Demolition's Caveworm game. Much better than his. Longer, better looking, and has sounds and music. You are a worm in a cave. Avoid Rocks and boulders. I love it. My brothers love it. You've gotta give this a try. 707 KB Read Reviews!

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Adventures Of Frank (Title Pending) Demo
V. 0.01
Platform Game I've started on a game that I can really let go and make it up as I go along. This may make no sense to you at all. Good. It's an interesting game and this demo is just the start of it. 953 KB Send a Review TGF

NOTE: KNP Games may not work with all versions of Windows. TGF and MMF-made will, though.

Cyborg Overhead View; Shooter Travel around killing ghosts, in search of that one, dark, evil apparation that did this to you. 564 KB Send a Review KNP
Romeo 2 Small Platform Adventure Inspired by the original Klik & Play game: Romeo. The evil devil has kidnapped Juliet and it is your job to save her. But this time, it's not so simple as dodging pies. 512 KB Send a Review KNP
Mr. Happy
Platform/Overhead Mix Don't be fooled by the name. This game is full of action, guns, and fighting aliens. Challenging and of medium length, this game is my proudest Klik & Play game yet. 1.00 MB Send a Review KNP