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Gopol's Astonia v2 Files:


  • My Spreadsheet v1.15 in Excell, rar compressed
  • My Spreadsheet v1.15 in Excell, zip compressed
  • Maps:

  • Underground1 map (jpg format)
  • Underground1 map with text (jpg format)
  • Underground2 map (jpg format)
  • Underground2 map with path (jpg format)
  • Strange Forest map with text (jpg format)
  • Strange Forest map (jpg format)
  • PaintShopPro Maps :

    These files are the layered PSP maps. I'm still working on some of them so they can be changed with no notice. They offer a better quality than the jpegs maps and can easily be modified if you have the knowledge

  • Underground1 map (psp format)
  • Underground2 map (psp format)
  • Underground2 map (psp format, supersampled)
  • Pents map (psp format, incomplete)
  • Black Stronghold (psp format, incomplete)
  • Strange Forest (psp format)
  • Strange Forest (psp format, supersampled)
  • Gargoyles Nest (psp format, incomplete)
  • Links:

  • This page on Angelfire
  • MOA HomePage
  • Seijiro and Mira's page
  • World of Astonia
  • Scrible & MOA

  • To uncompress rar compressed files, get winrar at
    PSP pictures are layered PaintShopPro7 pictures. You can use that program (and *maybe* others powerfull image editors) to see them.

    If you would care to help me, click here