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Welcome to the Official site of the Futurez Basketball team. 3-time NY/NJ champions!!!

How we were formed?

Futurez was created in 2000. The group was created to accomplish one goal--THE TOTAL DOMINATION OF ALL TOURNAMENTS!

The original Futurez team played in two tournaments in the summer of 2000. Winning both tournaments. In 2001 we defended our titles once again. Any time more then 3 member of Futurez plays on the same team, we have not lost any five-on-five games that we played in on the streets.

Futurez consist of 8 players with another branch aka BABY FUTUREZ-age 14-18

We come from all over the NYC/NJ area and Los Angeles, since K.G has moved there. The

e common bond being that we all are good players who to the most part played in High School teams or leagues. To find out more about the players, check out the PLAYA PROFILE.

We are defending champion in the EAST, and love to take on all challengers. So whenever the FUTUREZ play in a tournament, we should be the favorites. We are looking forward to upcoming tournaments to display our skills.