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    Midgley Transfers

Free T-shirt transfers, bookcovers etc. To make a T-shirt transfer the image will need to be 'flipped' left to right. Some printers can now do this or use image-editing software. The download is given in kilobytes for you to estimate the time to load onto your computer which is dependent on your I.S.P., time of day, hard-wired junctions etc. Each image is a GIF which should print out to the size of an A4 sheet. Choose one that sounds O.K. print it off. You could use a coloured cartridge if you use a blue image [see example at bottom of page].

 Basic version 1 -534 Kb
                                            Basic version 2-406 Kb
                                                                                      Basic version 3-534 Kb

Basic version 3 has been modified to produce the following effects:

Click on a link below

Big Ripple-558 Kb
Blue Bas Relief-326Kb
Blue cloud-551 Kb
Blue clouds curled-385 Kb
Blue clouds with ripple-558 Kb
Blue clouds sheared-536 Kb
Blue clouds pinched-535 Kb
Blue merging clouds rippled-530 Kb
Blue neon curled -297 Kb
Blue neon spherical inwards-441Kb
Crackle-528 Kb
Edged -599 Kb
Embossed -596 Kb
Merged clouds-531 Kb
Mezzo tint with dot-82.6 Kb
Mosaic -417 Kb
Negative-534 Kb
Notepaper-226 Kb
Page curl-367 Kb
Pencilled-536 Kb
Pointillised-516 Kb
Posterised-140 Kb
Slight twirl-520 Kb
Solarised-535 Kb
Sponged-403 Kb
Aged-462 Kb
Blue Neon Glow effect-430 Kb
Funnel-488 Kb
Patchwork-401 Kb

Below is a smaller version of Blue Clouds Sheared, my favourite

A thumbnail of blue sheared clouds


I hope you can use some of them, let me know your favourite or do you have any good ideas?

 © Tim Midgley Copyright January 2002, revised May 2002.