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No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Mimmox (Vikings) VS Elfanor (Huns) 58mins  Great castle and imperial age action as Mimmox shows his excellent late game skills.  For those of who don't know how to boom well watch this. Good
2 Mimmox (Goths) VS Rd_Champion (Huns) 42mins Very good feudal action.  Learn how to execute a Man at Arms rush and how to defend yourself against one. Average
3 Arch_Vile_ (Aztecs) VS Blacky_Cn (Byzantines) 1hr Excellent gameplay with lots of action through all ages.  Arch_Vile_ also shows how to use the Aztecs well. Excellent










No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Elfanor (Persians) VS Grunt (Vikings) n/a Elfanor took control of the seas early but Grunt decided to go land.  He did however manage to stage a comeback.  Excellent back and forth fighting on both islands. Below Average
2 H_Haslebo (Vikings) VS Gary__Payton (Vikings) 53mins  H_Haslebo tried to start naval warfare but Gary decided to fast castle and boom instead.  However H_Haslebo spoils his plans by making a quick landing and what follows is a lot of castle age fighting.  Very intersting game. Average
3 _Zhaz ( Vikings) VS DeathKnight (Vikings) 1hr 10mins Lots of naval warfare in this one.  DeathKnight ends up massing over 100 warships.  Great game for those of you who love fighting on water. Average











No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Glx_Shadow (Teutons) & _Virus_Cool_ (Spanish) & Wx_Swinger (Celts) VS Gx_Iron (Goths) & Elfanor (Koreans) & _Faded_Shadow (Aztecs) n/a n/a n/a
2 Port_Strat (Persians) VS Flank (Celts) 1hr 26mins  Very intense and exciting game with lots of naval and land warfare throughout the whole game.  Also contains a fair amount of commentary from the watchers.  Great game. Excellent
3 Zod_Ranger (Japanese) & Zod_Lars (Celts) VS Btc_Love (Turks) & Buho_Onix (Goths) n/a n/a n/a










No. Players Time Description Rating
1 B1ack_Death (Turks) VS Mashed_Gravy (Japanese) 50mins One of the better BF players shows his skills with the Turks.  Watch as he successfully executes the Turks 25min Fast Imperial. Good
2 Mashed_Gravy (Koreans) & MAD_Maestro (Saracens) VS Slo6_9 (Celts) & Slo74 (Turks) 2hrs 20mins  MAD_Maestro gets rushed early but through great teamwork they manage to stage a great comeback.  Very good teamwork from both sides. Average
3 OneEye_Strong (Celts) & OneEye_Sword (Spanish) & OneEye_Crush (Teutons) VS Hexer_Tribun (Teutons) & Hexer_Smile (Celts) & WastedTester (Mongols) n/a OneEye_Sword finds himself under attack early due to his failure to wall.  However, due to great teamwork they manage to push the enemy out. Below Average











No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Mimmox (Vikings) VS DjINN_Crouvex (Vikings) n/a n/a n/a







No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Gx_Iron (Huns) VS DivX (Mongols) n/a DivX tries to flush but Iron catches his forwards and walls himself off.  He then proceeds to fast castle and take control of the game. Average
2 Grunt (Vikings) VS Mozory (Vikings) n/a n/a n/a







No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Wx_Swinger (Mongols) & _Iketh_ (Franks) & Stalin (Vikings) VS Us_Nor (Mongols) & Seco (Celts) & Ma_Jordi (Vikings) n/a n/a n/a
2 H_Haslebo (Huns) & Blacky_Cn (Vikings) VS Ozutsu (Mongols) & Wx_Swinger (Huns) n/a Interesting game as all players flush.  Good variations of this were seen as well since some players went scouts instead of the normal skirm/spear combo. Good
3 _Lithuanian_oG_ (Persians) VS KS_Augustus (Vikings) VS Eagles_Rune (Japanese) VS KS_Mephisto (Mongols) VS Fight_P1mp (Huns) n/a n/a n/a









No. Players Time Description Rating
1 _riZen_Blade & Storm_Country VS _Virus_Cool_ & DjINN_Amix VS Devilz_Girl & Deimos_Cn VS _Ukak_Verve & Sando (All Mayans) n/a n/a n/a
2 Wx_Swinger (Saracens) VS Ozutsu (Mongols) n/a Unusual settings for this one.  The game started on medium res so both players found themselves attacking and defending early with attacks taking place before 5mins and castle time under 13mins! Good
3 Wx_Swinger VS The_Sheriff n/a Pre-Patch AOK:TC Game - Only download if you know how to watch pre-patch games n/a










No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Grunt (Huns) VS Kaohen (Huns) n/a The Grand Final for the Microsoft $50,000 Tourney.  Very well played by both players. Great 
2 Storm_Rising (Turks) & Storm_Requiem (Byzantines) & Lausze_A_ (Celts) VS Si_Lau_Ming (Goths) & Ma_Jordi (Franks) & Storm_Dynasty (Aztecs) n/a n/a n/a
3 Fight_War (Mongols) & Fight_DaRude (Huns) VS Chrono_Slave (Byzantines) & Vigo_Lak (Huns) n/a n/a n/a









No. Players Time Description Rating
1 DjINN_Crouvex (Vikings) VS Mimmox (Vikings) n/a Very exciting game as these two experts battle back and forth on the water.  Crouvex stages multiple landings but due to Mimmox's great skills he manages to push Crouvex off. Good
2 MAD_Churchill (Huns) & MAD_Caesar (Vikings) & MAD_SittingBull (Mongols) VS Wx_Messiah (Vikings) & Fight_War (Huns) & Fight_Gladiator (Mongols) n/a n/a n/a
3 Arch_Vile_ (Koreans) & Angelz_LoL_ (Britons) VS _Virus_Cool_  (Mayans) & _Virus_Pulse_ (Vikings) VS Fight_Gladiator (Aztecs) & Vk_Dark (Spanish) VS Storm_Magna (Persians) & _riZen_Capoch (Celts) n/a Excellent 2v2v2v2 game.  A great variety of strats are seen here as well as lots of wonder building (and destroying) late game.  Arch_Vile_ manages to make and nearly wins the game with over 3 wonders.  Long but exciting game. Excellent












No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Storm_Rising (Huns) & Storm_Requiem (Chinese) VS PG_Paranoia (Koreans) & Xotik_Infrared (Mayans) n/a n/a n/a







No. Players Time Description Rating
1 _Mib_Apocalypse (Franks) & _riZen_Capoch (Huns) & DaRq_LadyWoogy (Turks) VS Nox_Malice (Koreans) & DaRq_Mystique (Britons) & XK_Dangerous (Vikings) n/a Very exciting and intense castle and imperial age action as both sides battle for control over the mainland.  Unfortunately the game went OOS towards the end. Excellent
2 Gary__Payton (Persians) VS _Final_Boss_ (Vikings) n/a Pretty good 1v1.  Payton grushes and manages to keep Boss on his island for most of the game.  Boss eventually manages to reach the mainland but by then it is too late. Average
3 _Virus_Cool_ (Vikings) & _Virus_Pulse_ (Mayans) VS Arch_Vile_ (Koreans) & EvilYorg_NG (Turks) VS Dirty_Latin (Huns) & Fight_Baller (Goths) n/a Exciting game.  The winning side gets attacked early and doesn't manage to migrate to the mainland till late in the game but when they do the manage to control the whole island and wipe the others off it.  Great teamwork for all players. Good












No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Ave_Tzar (Persians) & _Xanathar_ (Vikings) VS Fight_DaRude (Vikings) & WoundedMantis2 (Huns) n/a Fairly exciting game.  Watch as Ave_Tzar totally walls his base in and booms.  Unfortunately he had a weak ally who was taken out early leaving Tzar to fight 2v1. Below Average
2 Myth_Osiris (Mongols) & _Mib_Dune (Saracens) & _The_Hornet_ (Byzantines) & Aow_Achilles (Turks) VS Trance_Energy (Persians) & Pinobal (Japanese) & Haboy (Teutons) & Attache_ta_Tuq (Huns) n/a n/a n/a










No. Players Time Description Rating
1 DjINN_Amix (Mayns) VS SD_Adept (Saracens) VS Nox_Paradise (Japanese) VS PiGi_Muschi (Turks) VS PG_Lance (Goths) VS DjINN_Geek n/a n/a n/a
2 Bsk_Force (Mayans) VS _riZen_K2 (Franks) n/a n/a n/a
3 Aluba007 (Persians) & _Korean2003 (Vikings) n/a n/a n/a








No. Players Time Description Rating
1 Made_Of_Sportz (Mongols) & Made_Of_Dough (Huns) & Made_Of_Hunt (Huns) & Made_Of_Legacy (Vikings) VS Firesword_LoL (Byzantines) & Augustus_LoL (Goths) & Rutton_LoL (Mongols) & Storm_LoL (Aztecs) n/a n/a n/a
2 Tech__Mino (Huns) VS Cuervo_LoL (Huns) n/a n/a n/a
3 Floyd_Cn (Saracens) & _Fast_Dragon (Mongols) & Wx_Mummi (Spanish) & DaRq_Lopri (Chinese) VS Mimmox (Mayans) & _Rip_Angel (Chinese) & _IamAngels (Celts) & _RCF_The_Mighty (Turks) n/a Very interesting game on Oasis with great action and teamwork.  Lots of action once castle hits with knight rushes and siege rushes.  Lopri plays excellent here and takes on 2 players and wins.  Very good primer for those who don't know how to play this map. Excellent









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