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This game, without a doubt, is one of the better games on the Ps2. The game play is nearly the same as Dynasty Warriors 2, But this game has over 30 levels and over 20 characters. Once you buy this game, you've got mounths of gaming ahead of you. The basic jist of the game is that you are a warrior figting under the force of either Wu, Shu or Wei. You can choose to be a Major characer, Such as the very leader of the force, or one of the smaller characters. The three forces start as allies, stoping rebellions and Traitors in their steps. Until one day when decisions split the troops away and they become enemies. They fight over the land until a victor is sought. Thats where you come in. Any force that you play as will eventually come to victory, seeing that you can lose as many times as you want to. However, each force has its own side of the story. For instance, if you play as Shu force on one level and you are fighting Wei forces, and you see a video sequence. If you play as WEI the next time, you will see a totally different sequence. As far as items and weapons go, this gam has it all. Its not an RPG, so you cant just build up weapons. You earn the on the battle field by killing enemy generals. Same thing goes for items. There are at least two wepons per character that no one other character can use. There are special weapons, which can only be found by performng special tasks. This also works for items.(see how to get fourth level weapons and Red special items.) This game has pleanty of game play and a farely rounded plot. There are video sequences between battles that help you to learn whats going on with your force. This is a very good over all game. For those of you that can seem to beat a game in a couple of days with every character, than you should at least rent this game. A must buy for the Ps2. Dynasty Warriors Tactics is the next to come. Hopefully it will be just as good. The release date for Tactics should be around September of this year.