This Page and all relating pages are dedicated to stopping the lying, deception, and Evilness that is “bbllonnkk” –Aka “Shit Face Baker Blonk”, “Dr. Bbllonnkk”, and in some cases just “blonk”-



As the Url of this page states we are NOT planning, organizing, or in any way going to kill bbllonnkk, we just want to stop his Evil Doings in the most LEGAL way possible.


Groups/ People Currently in the Anti-bbllonnkk Group







If you would like to join the Anti-bbllonnkk Group Contact Either MooreR at computer___guru on Y-Messanger and RTCWplayer357 on AIM


Things of his we are trying to take down:


His Dot tk Domain


His Geocities Account


And (Hopefully) His Comcast Account



(01:55:14) RTCWplayer357: did you hack
(01:55:25) hacking legend: yes


If you think this if not a real out take from a conversation MooreR and me have screenshots and MANY more logs…

Please Join This Group or it least help us take down this guy…