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Discworld MUD Quests



Partial Quests

Bes Pelargic

On Rhinu Road not far from the imperial Bank is a hole in the ground where children disappear. No way to get into that hole i could find, but on the Street of One Thousand Water Buffalo a little east look at the descriptions till it says there is a hole and then go down to get in the Agatean sewers. There is a giant whirlpool down there going to a lower level. But i cant get any lower due to the water. Now, there are 3 flows feeding that whirlpool and you can lock off one by "turn"ing a metal wheel somewhere till the floodgates are completely closed. Or maybe its all about the floodgates and im missing something, i just dunno... Allso check out the single room on Waterfall Lane where the only exit is north. Its possible to "enter waterfall" and go a bit down to a wedged door.

The Run

Right now there is only one examinator, Mericet. This will change though so the solution below wont be valid anymore when that happens.

The Questions: all answers are directly found in the Cordat. Make a copy of it and your fine.

The Run: To start the run you'll have to go up to the clock tower where Mericet is waiting and say something like "ill take the run/can i do the run".

*Go north (2x), look gap, look plank, bridge gap with plank
*Go west (2x), look chimney, look box, look wire, disconnect wire
*Go west, up, north, look ladder, look rungs, look nuts, tighten nut
*Go down, jump east, look tiles, look caltraps, clear caltraps
*Go east, jump north, jump northeast, look window, look sil, cut wire with [something sharp]
*Enter window and "inhume body with knife" to complete. Your now an assassin. Exit the room by going down.