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Discworld MUD Quests

Khot-Lip-Khin ** Oasis ** Necropolis ** Netherworld


1. Arms Dealer
From the city gates on Rimwards Road go s, w, nw, u, u, sw. There should be a weapons rack on the floor, you have to put on it some equipment like armour, weapons, shields. Put as many weapons as you can on the racks. Don't take any off as you have to make a net contribution (about 40 weapons or so) to get the quest

2. Crocodile Rocker
There is a pile of rocks on Djel Bridge (just go north on Djel Lane till you come across it), get a rock from it and go 1 north to were it says there are crocodiles. Next "drop" the rock on a crocodile. As soon as you hit one, you get the quest.

3. Djelian Delicacy
You will need some nice hard leather or metal clad boots, preferably in the best condition you can find, and quite high spoken Djelian, somewhere in the 60's to 80's. Also, you'll need to wear the green suspenders. Say to Gut (on the Djel bridge) that "I will help you bait your fishing pole," or something like that. He will them use you as bait to catch a crocodile. If your hard boots are in good enough condition, you will suffer no damage, and get the quest. Have over 1000 hp just in case.

4. Fluffy Nightbringer
In the mansion not far from the market on the crossroad of Pharaoh and Temple Street go to the garden and look for the room in the western part of the garden where there are bushes. "Search under bushes" to find a hawk's hood. From here go S;E;Up;E;Up to the room with hawk in it. Try to "hood hawk" (if it fails he'll get mad and attack).

5. Keeper of Suspence
On the Djell Bridge (same as in Crocodile Rocker) look for a guy called Gut Fishfryn IV who is fishing there. On occasion he fishes up some ugly green suspenders, take them . Search for Lap Lip (on sickle street or somewhere close to it i believe) and give him the suspenders.

6. Mother's Helper
Go to the Pharaoh's Park and look for a room on the southern side of the lake where children are playing with boats. Search the reeds to find a boat. Look for a lost child a few rooms east of the Pharaoh's Park Cafe and give the boat to her.

7. Phonetically Educated
On the market place find the room on the west side where there is a teacher. You can "enroll" here to get started with the Djelian language. After enrolling the teacher will lead you to a room in the back, simply repeat his sentences to go the next classes. You'll allso have to use the book he gave you for lesson 3 and more. (turn book to lesson 3 or something similar). Once done with the classes you can speak some djelian and TM it by listening to NPC's.


1. Life Preserver
There are some tents here, all you have to is enter one (i forgot which one exactely, just try some of them) and the quest is done.

2. Bad Spoiler
There is a spoiled child walking around in the oasis. Buy a fig in one of the tents and give it to him.


To get there, leave KLK via Djell Lane and go all the way up. To leave, go back to the courtyard centre and "examine glyph" to be warped back to Djell lane. If you finish all 3 quests in the Large Pyramid you'll be taken to some sort of show once you leave the pyramid. In the show you'll have to choose between the following:

* Wheel of experience (gives anything between 50k and 1 million xp)
* dice of gold (this will get you some gold coins, not really worth it IMO)
* necklaces (+1 stat)
* headbands (+3 stat, -1 all others)
* a mysterious box (beats me what this is, never tried it)

Photo Healer
From the first room in the Necropolis go 2x east, 6x south and 7x west to get at the estern side of the large pyramid. Search the sand for a sharp doohicky. Now Walk around it to the front entrance and "insert coins" in the room with the hostess (you need 1000 pstascpi) untill you have the ticket. Give ticket to hostess and go east. Search this room and go to the secret room to the north (you need some and "watch"ing could be usefull with low bonuses to actually find the room) "Sit on chair" and then get mass from chair. Go out and wait around Rodan till he asks if you want to take a picture, say yes and he'll give a camera. Make photos of the entire family (Cayren, baiden, maud,Rodan), go to the room with the Stone Guardian and "press button on box" here. "exacto pictures with doohicky" to cut the picture and "chew mass" to get gum (wait till it finishes chewing). Finally "gum cutouts with mass" and give the resulting picture to Rodan.

Polite Guest
Go to the large pyramid (look at Photo Healer on how to get there). There is a table in the room with the hostess that has several cups on it. Take and drink them one at a time till you have the quest. Warning: you will lose hitpoints the more you drink, its possible to die. So keep a very close eye on your health and dont drink any more cups after you've done the quest.

Stout Burglar
Go the pyramid again and enter the secret room as explained in Photo Healer. There are some levers here, look at them. Pull the red lever and you'll end up on a pointy stick (about 1500 hp damage in total so watch it). Search here for a sandbag and wait till the trap lets you out. Enter the secret room again and look at the white levers. Try pulling them untill they are all in down position. Then, pull the red lever again to destroy the Stone Guardian. Take his stone hammer, go to the sarcophagus, "smash sarcophagus with hammer" and "switch sandbag with treasure" (if it fails its back on the spike with 1500 hp loss so better make sure to be healed before you try this, at least 150 bonus of co.manipulation.sleight-of-hands needed and 35 lvl)


Look for a camel called Sadistic Git in the KLK stables near the army barracks and attack it. It should kick you straight to the Netherworld.

1. Brainbox
Say "Misty" and "Alphabet Game". Misty will tell you the name of a PC, you must respond with the name of a PC whose name starts with the last letter in the name that Misty has just spoken (e.g.. Misty says "Hackophile", you should respond with something like "Ellaron"). Keep this up until she gives up.

2. Really, Really Nice
You seem to get this quest when you have worked hard to get Misty happy and complete the tasks asked of you.

3. Restorer of Oddities
Search for three rubber balls, a couple of withered thingies and a bone. Say misty again and give here the withered thingies and the bone. She will then like you. You need the balls for Sadistic Coach.

4. Riddle Master
From the nursery go down, right and up twice (another nursery). go east and search the room with broken glass to get disc. Carefully go back down to the courtyard and go to the adult sphinx. Give the disc and the book to the Sphinx. The answer to the riddles --> 1: Man; 2:mountain; 3:Wind; 5:Riddle; 6:Candle; 7:E. Say "what is the riddle" if nothing work. This will allow you to freely leave the Netherworld if you wish by heading north past the sphinx.

5. Sadistic Coach
Search the bone yard for 3 balls and then go to the baby sphynx in the nursery. "Throw ball" out of the den 3 times to learn the sphinx how to fly. If you give another ball to the sphynx, it will play with it a little and make it crack. Take it and "open ball" to get the book needed for Riddle Master.

6. Tender Hearted
When your in the Netherworld just "say misty" and misty will appear. Now say "Junior says he is sorry" to complete the quest.

7. Touchingly Thoughtful
You'll need to buy a sphinx costume from the costume shop on Heroes ST. in AM. 'Enter hut' from the south most room of of the bone yard. Give costume to the guy (Nightvid) inside. He will give you a picture frame that you give to Misty to make her more happy with you.

8. Wielder of Klangs
To complete this quest you will need to have 2 others to help you. You will need to climb the rope where Junior (say 'rope' to Junior) is in the netherworlds. Another player will need to go to Misty's house (say 'house' to misty when on good terms) and finding the bracelet on the balcony. They will then need to climb up in the house whilst wearing the bracelet till they see a dark object below them. They must then take the bracelet off and go south and they will fall to the wheel house. In this room they need to spin the wheel to keep the rope from slipping off once the quest starts for real. The third person needs to have a dagger and be where the rope is. When all are ready. the person at the rope needs to cut the rope and the person in the wheel house need to turn the wheel over and over. This will the main person doing the quest to swing through the air. Once they see the sphinx they need to keep on typing 'get sword from sphinx'. If all goes well they should end up with the Klang.

Holy Wood

1. Funeral Director
Go all the way north, then east untill you come accros a house to the north. Theres a corpse in here, take it and go all the way west, then 1 S in the dunes (where it says its a peacefull place). Bury the corpse here.

2. Sneaky entrant
From the cross road close to Detritus go W till you cant go further, then S and 'twist boards' to get through the fence.

3. Matchmaker
Pick some flowers a little to the north (look at the description, it mentions flowers) then go to Detritus and give it him. He'll go off to find Ruby.

4. Shoplifter
Go to miss Cosmopolites clothing shop and 'try' an item from the list, she'll then lead you to another room to try it on its size. Here, stand on the chair and climb out of the window.

5. Substitute Thespian
You need to have done 'Sneaky Entrant' or 'Matchmaker' to do this quest cus you have to get passed Detritus. There are some people waiting to make a film scene with Victor to the west, S, W. You need a false moustache, baggy trousers, a shirt and a prop sword (all found in miss Cosmopolites clothing shop) to make it look like you are in fact Victor and have come to play the scene.
Now, jump on the camel ('ride camel' or something')to get things started and he'll drop you in front of the troll actors. First 'fight' these guys and then 'kiss' the girl to end the movie scene.

6. Film editor
There are some rooms 1 west from Detritus. Enter them and search around a bit to find scissors, a piece of film, script and a film can. Go to the cutting room and take everything out of the closet (mask+gloves+overall). Wear these and "edit film"