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Discworld MUD Quests

Gloomy Forest

Bandit Camp

1. Fire Cleaner
Theres a fire in the middle of the Camp, so get yourself a shovel and type 'scrape ashes with hovel'. And your done.

2. Barbarian Hero
In the main tent where you can go north you'll find a Bandit Leader with a Beautifull Captive. You have to go in, protect the captive from the leader and say 'follow me' or 'follow me all the way' or something like that. When she starts following go back to AM and guide her to her father in the Merchant guild (Prog Alley). He'll give you a royal.

3. Cesspit swimmer
Climb the wooden palisade outside the Bandit Camp. If you fall (not enough skills in you'll end up on some spikes. So watch it. If it works you'll land into the Bandit Camp's cesspit.

4. Tree Hugger
Climb the tree on the western trail outside Bandit Camp and then "climb branch". With high enough skills in it should work or else its going to be a free fall down to the spikes.

5. Catchy rescuer
You need;
*A mate
*A dagger or something Find the hidden trail west outside the bandit camp, and from there go nw all the way. The person who wants the quest stay put, the other go north and get caught in the trap The untrapped guy searches and "cut net"

6. Bird Brain
You need;
*The ridiculous looking chicken costume from the shop on Hero's St.
"Climb cliff" one west from the leader's tent, and keep going "up" When you come to an eagle's nest "pluck feather from eagle" IMMEDIATELY or with an alias accompanying the previous command, "grab pink thingie" of the eagle. If this isn't done quick enough you will land on spikes otherwise you will land on a path.

Druids Circle

Honourary Druid
underground Druids Guild moves around the outer Druid circle so 'search stones' until you find it. Once inside, go east and ask the clerk to join the Druids. If you have previously killed a druid you will have to pay a bribe (possibly 5 Crowns) otherwise 3 of the following tasks have to be resolved before being accepted as an ungorary druid: 1) Gathering a secret herb of unusual luminance that you'll find by searching the plants in the south west corner of the outer circle. 2) The watered blood of a slaughtered innocent that takes more effort. Get a bottle and go to the centre of the Druid circle during a full moon. Wait until the sacrifice starts and when you see the blood running down the aqueduct run round to the exit point of the aqueduct in the south west corner of the outer circle and 'fill bottle with water'. 3) Some moss that has to be collected at full moon with a sickle, available at the druid's shop, around the circle. Syntax would be "scrape moss with sickle" 4) Ash of an unrepentant sinner. This is one I didn't have to do, I can confirm however that ash can be found by searching the fire in the clearing in the north west corner of the circle. 5) Finally a very nice chunk of diamond. This is a white gem pebble and can be found in the quarry on the east side of the circle. You need to 'mine walls with ' I used a pickaxe. The hard part is that you can only find it if the light level is high enough. The quarry if examined will reveal that this is when the sun is directly overhead. Pick a clear day and again I did it at 12:15 hrs DW time.