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Discworld MUD Quests

CounterWeight Continent + Brown Islands

Brown Islands

1. Coconut Brain
Swim to the large rock south of Brown Islands, there are some crabs here. One of them is carrying a rainbow-coloured sea-shell. Kill the crab and take the shell. Go back to the main island, look for a sad native and give him the shell. Your reward is a hula hoop.

CounterWeight Continent

Some usefull stuff: Purple nuggets can be found by searching the pound in the Moon Park on Origami Road (NE,SE,N from entrance, possibly removed). Ash is found upstairs in the McSweeney stables by sweeping the floor around the stove. (use a pushbroom found on the kitchen boys). And in one of the houses on Matching Moon Road you can find moon daggers (search pile of junk)

2. Bunny Saviour
On Hook Street there's a young girl called One Favourite Pearl. She's looking for Mr. Bunny and wants you to find it. Simply go 1 east to the room where there is a sandbox and 'dig' in it till you find it. It may take some time before the bunny shows up though.

3. Whopper Shopper
There is a food shop called Won Huge Saussage eating house on the NW corner of Long Street. Buy 5 items and the owner will make sure your name gets on the sign.

4. Tree Trimmer
On Willow Avenua look in the descriptions till it says there is a tree that needs trimming. Go to the garden shop to the north on Long Street, buy tree trimmer and "trim tree".

5. Wheel Bound
A Mobile Assistant is passing out wheelchairs in the Culture Institute found on Hook Street. Buy a disability chit from Won Artful Huckster (around Tuna Street, copy his movements so he gives a list of items *wink*,*spock*) and give it to the Assistant. Once in the wheelchair go to the room with the queue and "queue at signpost". The Provisions guy will let you skip the queue because of the wheelchair.

6. Knicker Nicker
Go all the way south on smugglers pier (last pier to the east on Tuna) and go "down". Enter the gangplank, say your the new deckhand and "Take crate from pile". Pay off the Customs Officer with some tooni (KLK money) and take this crate to the building where Notorious Jones stole the case of pants from (W,SW,SW,E *hidden* starting from the Smugglers Guild). Go up and you'll find a hoist that can be lowered and raised. "Lower hoist", go down and directly outside of the building, drop the crate and "attach crate to hook" (Make sure the crate is not in your inventory, or it wont work). Go back to the hoist and "raise hoist" to get the crate inside the building. (Wait till the storeman is on the upper floor or its useless). Repeat this a few times untill you have found the correct crate (it takes about 5 minutes before you are allowed to take another crate and the Customs Officer gets more expensive every time, so bring enough tooni)

Sto Lat

1. Welfare Officer
On Fatal Row a house can be found with a mother upstairs asking for food for her baby. Give her something (like a bread) and you've done the quest.

2. Superstitious
Go to Heritage Hill in the northwestern part of Sto Lat and look for the statue of the wizard Moojipat. Have a look at it. It says theres a legend rubbing his foot brings good luck. So rub the right foot and you will be transported to a room with an orb in. To get out again, touch the orb.

Cabbage Killer
You'll need to kill 15 or something evil cabbages and give the corpses to Bartelhome (found a little north, then east from the cabbage warehouse main entrance). Its best to drink some moth repellent before entering the are where the cabbages are. (search the chest found all the way east and south in warehouse and drink some of it) unless you like being attacked by life-sucking moths. These cabbages used to be pretty easy to kill, but they've been upgraded. Pretty hard now for low-level people.