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Discworld MUD Quests

Secret Areas

CounterWeight Continent

Black Market
There are actually quite a few entrances here, but the easiest to explain is the one in the middle of Long Street where there is an abandoned stall leaning against a wall. Simply go south and follow the road, it will get you to the Black Market.
It's the sort of place where you can buy weapons and other highly illegal things. Pretty interesting.

Post office
Theres a room with a big rock in the description all the way west of Origami Road and 1 south. 'climb rock' and then 'climb rope' to get in. note: this has been changed. It's now "climb hole" instead of "climb rope"

Armour Restitcher
On Gate Avenue (this street is in the northern part of Bes Palergic), look for the house where it says there is an unusuall corner. "fiddle with crack" and a secret door will open. enter. Its possible to restitch pre-stitced armour to your colour preference in here, whatever that means.
To get out: "stand on bookcase", "squeeze through window"; "hang ledge" and "let go of ledge"

Shop of Pu Ki Pai
On the far west of Elysien there is a house filled with knickknacks and trinkets. 'Search junk' to find a hidden acces. "Enter heap" to go in and "enter heap" to go out as well. She sells some odd things like dragon/butterfly daggers and stuff. Changed: "enter arch" instead of "enter heap".

Rice silo
On slippery snake (near the silk market, far west of CWC) all the way to the east is a closed & locked door. Go 1 west from here, look at the building, climb the ladder, "slide into hole" and your in. To get out you'll have to "dive rice"

Assassins Guild
There is a pyjama shop on Clipper Street, a little north of the Smugglers Guild. Enter it and "slide panel" to get in. Same to go out.

Wizards Guild
Look for the book shop on the western side of Diamon Place. Enter it and type "wander into the alley".

Sewer system
Found on the Street of Thousand Buffalos. Look in the description till it says there is a hole in the ground. Then go down. Heres a quick map:

Skund Forest

Wolves Trail
From Frightened Traveller in Skund Forest go N,N,W,W and then North. Youll find some packs of wolves here, they're pretty tough to kill if they come in large groups.

Grflx lair
When you enter Skund Forest go N, NE and then the hidden entrance to the east.

Temple 1
If you stand on the hamlet crossroads (just 1 east of the Pekan shop), go 2 North, then 1 west (it's a hidden entrance so it wont show you can go west). Follow the road untill you reach a temple with the statue of a dragon and cat. Its possible to do a quests here that will get you a crystal ball (used for scrying)

Temple 2
From Frightened Traveller go west till you reach a crossroad, from here go south and then west (hidden entrance). Follow path till you come accross a temple.

Thieves Guild in Pekan Ford
Go the bar west of the Pekan shop and move south(hidden) to the advancement room.


The house of Death
On Least Gate (city gate north of Sator) go NE,E,S and read the description. It should say somewhere 'You can see a small shimmering gate to the south'. So go south and you've made it.

Mad Hatter shop in AM
Usefull for beginning wizards i suppose but thats about it. Found near the north end of Eight Deadly Sins where there is a restaurant to the east. 'climb ladder' to enter the shop.

Restaurant called rat-hole but better known as hlakket. Found in the middle of Leaden Lane, not far from the Street of Small Gods. Look at the descriptions where it says it looks like theres a big black hole to the west and "enter hole". Sort of like Hatchet & Entrails.

Trolls Head
Not hidden or anything but you need a pass to enter so here it is, say mister teh-ah-tim-eh said to let me in or else.


Shops Sewer system
Go 2 south from the entrance in Sto Lat (with the ornate sign) and go "down".

"climb fence" one west from the crossroads of Graves Hope & High Street.

Assassins Guild
Go to the Phida Manor (Quirm Street) and down to the cellar. Then take the hidden entrance (behind rack) to the west to actually get in.


Assassins Guild
Go to Frog & Firkin, enter the alcove and go "down"

OC + Gloomy

Bandit Camp
Bandit Camp can be found in Gloomy Forest (watch the giant spiders). As you enter the forest go NE,N,NE,N,NE,E and then NW (its hidden).

Assasin Guild in OC
Go north In Quarryside Way, then east (you cant see no east exit, but its there allright). CAREFULL: there is a trap that will kill you if not an assassin.


Nhim-Phat shop on Riverwalk
Go to the last alley to the east on riverwalk where it says in the description there's a pile of lumber. "enter" it.

Thieves Guild
On the far south end of Sickle street, theres a boarded house. "Climb drainpipe" (theres a nail that will cut you for about 200hp or something) and go up all the way to the roof. On the roof look for the skylight and go "down" to enter the guild. It has a shop, message board and advancement area. CAREFULL: there is a window on the way up, do NOT enter it cos theres a trap. You'll die. An easier way to get in is to "pry planks" at the beginning.

Scabbard Shop
"Lift sheet" in the scabbard shop on the Bazaar for access to the back room where they sell some special scabbards.

Ramtops - Mad Stoat

(Ramtops)Temple of the Listening Monks:
From the room with the sign and the Giant Leader in the ramtops go E,SE,NE,N,E(hidden) and follow path towards the temple.

(Razorback) Lancre caves:
Go to the middle of razorback, the room where there is an entrance to a cottage and go northwest (hidden). Follow path.

(Mad Stoat) Thieves Guild:
"Move rug" in the first room of the south house, go down. There are a bunch of rogues here most of the time.

Unicorn Trail:
From the sign just east of the custom trolls bridge go E,SE,S,SE,N (hidden path)