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Discworld MUD Quests


1. Accomplice
In one of the houses in the western part of Elm Street there is a cat burglar busy stealing stuff but he needs a bigger bag to hold it. Give him a large satchel.

2. Apprentice Baker
At baker st. with bakers on both side go to west job and get job there. Go to apothecary's and buy dried frog., go bakery to bakers and in room with oven make the bread. The recipe is 4 flour, 2 water, 2 goo, 1 salt, one frog. Get bread when done and give it to baker.

3. Apprentice Detective

4. Apprentice Tanner

5. Aquatic Discoverer
On Brass Bridge its possible to go upstream or downstream. Go all the way downstream where there is a duck. "say quack" and it will follow you, lead it to the Duckman to finish (Elm Street i think)

6. Bar Brawl Champion
This one's easy, go to the Drum and start fighting Detritus, Hrun and Stren. If you kill them you've won the quest.

7. Bethan's Buddy
Go to the dentist's (in Flintwyk Building) and say Cohen's dentures when he comes out (you sometimes have to wait as long as 15 min).Find toilet paper in a house on Vagabond Street (it may be in a cupboard in a toilet).Get warm water from the Gingerbread House in the Skund Forest.Take these to Bethan who lives in a house on Vagabond Street and say help, then give the items to her.

8. Bush Whacker
On Goose Gate road enter the park and continue North till you cant get further. Read the sign, it should say your on the entrance of the maze. Now go east to enter it and follow this road: SE, NE, S, NW, NE, SE, N, N, W, W, W, SE, W. If all is good you are now at the end of the maze where there is a gate to exit. "Climb" the gate (you will need some rock climbing skills) and the quest is done.

9. Courteous Visitor
Go to the Hall of Heroes in the Apex club (NW from the Maul) and say "please, Miss Turrel, may I please have a ticket to the hall of heroes please" to get a free ticket.

10. Curse Lifter
The shopkeeper in the T-shop is cursed to stay in his shop forever and to be allways open. Casting fear on him so he leaves the shop should remove this curse. May not work ATM and i wouldnt do it since its majorly annoying for people who want to buy something from the T-Shop.

11. City Explorer
In Sator Square near the grey barrier type 'lift cover' and enter the pipe. If you want to leave type 'enter pipe' again

12. Courageous Courier
Just like Errand Runner, but this time choose the hard job. You will have to go way further and go to stranger places to complete.

Deputy Deliverer
Look for the Flaming Cabbage on Blood Alley and go the room all the way to the west. Clair A Botel should show up soon. Say something like 'ill help deliver the barrel" and she should give you a wine voucher. Now go to Boare in the Wine Warehouse on the Lees (same one as in Wine Connoiseur) and give him the voucher. Take the barrel of wine and go back to the Flaming Cabbage and "deliver barrel".

13. Demon Friend
To complete this quest you need to collect various items around Ankh-Morpork and then take them to a clearing just northeast of Ankh-Morpork to complete it. These items are listed on the plaque in the post-office, upon the door. These items though are a crystal ladle, which can be purchased from a shop. The strange fish which may be found by searching the docks area. The conch shell which may be found by searching in the junk shop at the docks. The lid which is the frisbee and may be bought in the travelling shop. The cauldron which may be found in the small house on Frost Alley. 4 toadstools which may be found in a hidden area in the wall at the northeastern gate. The giant coin which is the table in the gambling house on Small Gods St. You also need to get a water from the Ankh and this may be done with the shovel from the stables at the west end of Filigree St and as the cauldron leaks I suggest putting water in both the cauldron and also in a large bucket to top up the cauldron once you get to the clearing. gather all the items and leave the water till last. If you can't carry them all then get someone to help you. The items need to be in the clearing on the ground at the time of the feast not necessarily carried by you. To get the water you need to go down the Ankh down from the brass bridge and dig in river with shovel or some such syntax. I seem to recall getting the exact syntax for this one was -very- annoying. You then get water in bucket and get water in cauldron. You make your way to the clearing which is slightly east and north from the northeast gate and put all the items on the ground. Then pour the bucket into the cauldron to make sure it has enough water as it leaks and then holding the conch shell, blow it. The demons should turn up, mix the ingredients and have a feast.

14. Distant Exhibitionist
Need a carrot for this one and you must have dont the Sentimentalist quest first. Theres a rabbit called Florette in the Temple of Small Gods garden (on the way to Pish fountain) "feed" it the carrot, "pet" florette and say "florette is a good girl".

15. Dog Gone Emancipator
Look for the hous on God Street where there is a poodle, Bertha and Geoffrey. Kill the poodle and give its corpse to Bertha.

16. Doppelganger
Look for NPC's with the name of creators in reverse. Like Notserp, Anarual, Retlobgod.. say their correct name in front of them. There are quite a lot of these NPC's on the disc, so this one is going to take some time.

17. Errand Runner
First, go to the Post Office on Widdershins Broadway and go up to the room where there is a clerk. "Say details" and look at the instructions. You will have to "deliver" the parcel all over AM untill you found the correct person. I think it well get you 20 dollars if this quest is finished.

18. Executive Chatter
The greedy imp, that wanders Ankh-Morpork will converse with a player who asks about the number fifteen on its forehead. A series of leading questions will allow players over level 150 to pay A$1500, or 15 Ankh-Morpork royals, in exchange for the quest and access to the A'Tuin and Intermud talker channels. Note that simply giving the money to the imp will not achieve anything except penury. Ie let the imp take the money, don't give it! (say what is your fee? Wink greedy imp).

19. Expert Balancer
There is a balance in the Ankh Morpork Post Office. Type "figure" to start the quest. The goal is to balance the mystery weight (random number every time) with the very large, large, medium, small and very small weight. You will have to balance it 3 times (can take a while unless your lucky)

20. Explorer Extraordinaire
You need to get to the attic in the Watchhouse on Short street first (Keen Observer). Once here, "move bed" to slide down to another room (armoury) and "push helmets" to reveal a trapdoor, go down. "push gate" a few time till the gates actually opens so you can go north and find a hole in the ground. "hold bar tightly" + "jump down hole" to end up at the Drum.

21. Finder not Keeper
You have to find stuff from other players that was registered in the Lost Property Shop (Cunning Sacrificers) and return it in that shop. Do this a few times.

22. Fishbone Collector
This quest can be done in the house of Death. First, look for the bathroom and search the cabinet for a dental floss, then go to Ysabell's room and search the carpet for a hairpin. In the hallway there should be a long bone lieing there, get it. Next go to the garden and go to the pit where souls go to, search it to find a worm-soul.
Twist the hairpin 3 times into a hook; tie floss to bone; attach hook to bone; bait rod with soul (at this point you have a bony fishing rod). Finally look for the pond in the garden where there are some fish swimming and fish with the fishing rod till you the fish.

23. Fish fingered
Buy a LARGE fish from the fish shop on Street of Cunning Artificers. Then go slapping Carrot with it.

24. Fishily motivated

25. Flower Powered
Buy 30 flowers in one of the flower shops around AM.

26. Future Diviner
Go to the Brass Birdge in AM (the bridge you have to cross to get in Holy Wood), go down and downstream till you come accross the last shack that can be entered. Enter the shack and go south to where a fortune teller is standing. Listen to him for a while and he'll tell he's missing a Caroc Card. To find this card go upstream till the nearest place where you can go up (near a jetty). Search around the place a bit there and the card should be found. Return to the fortune teller and give him the card.

27. Furniture Hauler
Could be removed i dunno. Look for an NPC called Shazure on rendom row (room with all the things like someone is moving in the description). She should ask for your help (say yes) to move a flamingo to Elm Street.

28. Fisher of Men

29. Gatherer of Fluff
In this quest you'll have to place all sorts of fluffy things on gufnork's altar. There are quite alot of these things out there (fluffy cloak, towels,..)

30. Gemmy's Mate
There is an NPC called Geremiah Codger in a shed on the crossing between Widdershin Road and Leaden lane having some problems with his shoes. Go to the Get 'em-While-You-Can shop on the Plaza and buy a shoe horn, return to Gemmy and give it to him.

31. Guide to the Undead
In the north docks on Cockbill street theres usually a zombie wandering around. Say follow and lead him to the fresh start club (alley in the eastern part of Elm Street) or the nearest bar.

32. Green Tongued
Look for a green frog somewhere around God Street and kiss it.

33. Handyman
On God street theres a large house with Sophie Stibbons upstairs. Go down, search the fireplace (a room will be revealed) and go west. In this room theres a tin of rust removal, get it and go back to Stibbons. Then type 'repair taps', 'turn taps' to get water and finally you must dampen the cloth you were given and clean the window ('clean window'). Repeat a few times.

34. Handy person
On the eastern side of Plaza of the Broken Moons there is a Get-Em-While-You-Can shop selling small, handy items. Buy the oil can, go to the entrance of the Assassin's guild with the gates, oil the hinges and close it.

35. Hearts Tendered
Theres a low altar in Sek's temple where you have to place 250 human hearts on.

36. Heart of Gold
Theres a reclusive troll on Quarry Lane in the house where its possible to go north into a kitchen. Look at the rug and it will tell there is a trapdoor there. Go down to find the troll. Say snow/there is snow and he'll tell you it never snows in Ankh Morpork and that he refuses to go out. When its snowing, make a snowball and give it to the troll and your done.

37. Jail Breaker
Free someone from the Jail in the Watchhouse and you've done the quest.

38. Keen Observer
Go down in the Watch to the room just in front of the cell and "search desk" to find a doorknob under the rubbish. Go all the way upstairs in the watchhouse to the room with table/cabinet/desk and take the (hidden) entrance to the east. Thats all.

39. Kinky Shopper
Go to the Martial arts store (that place where they sell katanas and stuff), go to the other room and 'nudge'/'wink' at son no1. Then say 'know what i mean?', enter the secret door that will be revealed and buy something.

40. Knowledge Seeker
There is a store selling jewellry (same one as in Valued Customer quest) on the Plaza. Go out of the shop and search a few times just outside till a jewel thief appears (it will give you a stone medallion, may need some . Now go one of those houses on the Street of Cunning Artificiers (wear the medallion so they'll let you in) and "say only when it hunts" to get acces to a mirror used for scrying.

41. Know-it-all Go to the filosofers guild on Philosopher's Surprise, pay Maximilian Dimlith to get in and read the sign there. It explains what you have to do. Basically Imquot will ask you a question and as soon as you give the correct answer for one of them you've done the quest. If you fail to give the right answer, you'll end up in a croc pit. Just climb out, go back to the Guild and try again.

42. Master Potter
Make 5 conchineal bowls or plates and go to the Maul/Plaza to find a travelling potter. Say "help" and then "assist" him, say "I have plates and bowls" and he should take them, if not give them to him.

43.Maintainer of Balance
Enter the labyrinth of Sandelfon in the temple....kill monsters and get crystals.Obtain 3 black and 3 white crystals (I think...if not keep getting more...) and place them on the low altar in the temple one at a time.This is very hard as you can easily get lost and monsters follow you, so bring help. Quick hint, pick the last exit every screen to get out faster

44. Memento Locator
On the Northern Docks (cockbill street) when you go down there are some shops there. Enter the clothing shop and you'll find elsie who lost her yellow scarf. You find it in the southern docks by searching the place a few time, then go back to elsie and give it to her.

45. Natty Dresser
In the temple of Gap a little north of the Street of Small Gods there is a low altar that can be used to fix clothing and backpacks. All you have to do is use it alot. Eventually you'll get the quest.

46. Polite Shopper
On Gameling there is a locked door, if you knock on it someone will ask 'wo's there?'. You then have to say your name (say 'your name'). Thats all.

47. Pandora's Playmate
On the southern end of Fast Lane, a little north of Attic Bee Street theres a house with Pandora Miffletoe upstairs. Say "what is that box?/what box" and listen to what she says. Now go to the house a few rooms to the north on Fast Lane where there is a hatstand, "hang" a piece of clothing/hat on the hatstand and get the small bronze key. Return to pandora, give her this key and you've done the quest.

48. Pest Controller
There is a house on Contract Walk (Isle of Gods) with a bunch of rats and Rattigan. Go to the music shop on the easter part of the Lees (a little south of Filligree), buy the wooden recorder, go back to Rattigan and "play recorder for rattigan" to let him follow you. Next search for the rat catcher inside the Isle Of Gods, he should be all the way east of Contract Walk normally and "turn" Rattigan over to him.

49. Plumber's Mate
This quest takes place in City Explorer room. There are four tasks that must be performed. if they are performed by different people, every person involved is credited with the quests, whether they've done the quest before or not. The tasks are: Place rocks (or other heavy objects) of total weight between 301 and 520 units (or 34 to 57lb) in the pannier under the reservoir that is mounted on the balance. The holes in the trough that is set into the balance must be unclogged using a #5 wire brush The trough must be charged with oil. The counterweight must be cleaned out using a tablet of Old Grommitt's Originall Drayne Cleener(orange tablet), sold in the alchemist's shop on Short Street, On completion of a task, the room has a property set to note who has completed it, so statting the room will show the status of the quest. If the player has an intelligence of 16 or more, the room's plumbing may be studied to gain considerable information about it.

50. Potters Friend
There is a pottery shop on Cockbill Street from Argule Wibbley where the potter's wheel is unusable cos one of the legs is loose. Get a claw hammer from the shop on The Ride and some nails from a store on the PLaza and "fix" the wheel. Youll need some carpentry skills (possibly 20 lvl)

51. Potter's Apprentice
First do the Potters Friend quest to fix the wheel in the Pottery shop on Cockbill street. Then buy clay in the shop a little to the north, pump the wheel and model the clay. Put the shape into the kiln and wait a little. With high enough skills you know have a finely glazed thing.

52. Practical Joker
On Cheapside allley (between Rime Street and 9th Yard) theres a shop about XXX. Buy a tin of beer, go out and 1 NE (so that the shopkeeper wont see you). Next, shake the tin 4 times, go back to the shop and hive it to Wozza. Wozza should give you a colourfull boomerang.

53. Prolific Paster
Look for Felicity Hopkinson in the Dwarf bread museum and say "problem" and "ill put up the posters for you" she'll then give you someposters and glue. "apply" glue to posters and "paste" the poster then in a crowded area.

54. Public Informer
Just go to Towncryers house on Broadway, pay for a message to be shouted all over the place and you've done the quest.

55. Pinkfish Worshipper
Buy a pinkfish doll from the T-shop and worship it. They dont have it stock alot though.

56. Quiet Leader
Look for the bad mime artist, wait till it follows you and then lead him to the theatres (Bear Pit) on Bear Lane (thats on the Isle of Gods) where he should enter after a while.

57. Responsible Citizen
To get this quest, vote alot in the elections. It may take quite a few.

58. Reel Expert
There is a Fisherman's Guild Shoppe in the western part of the North Docks on Cockbill Street (go down on the docks, all the way west, South then east). Once in the shop buy the red and blue flannel shirt, the fishing licence, the fishing rod and a pair of rubber waders. Go 1 west from the shop (guild office), there are some flies buzzing around here, "swat" one and "bait rod with fly". Now go up on the docks and find a good place to fish where there isnt any garbage floating around and fish with the rod. The line will wrap around your feet and you'll fall into the ocean (make sure you can swim!!). Move south and up to the docks, remove the waders (if it worked, something will be squirming inside the waders) and "get fish from waders" to complete.

59. Short Changed
When in the Dwarf museum, you need to get a scone (give ticket to the dwarf) and eat it repeatedly until you get a message which says 'a good jolt will knock your tooth out'. You can get a scone from the water dunking game in the museum. Now this is the tricky part as you need your tooth. You have to go to the game in which you have to knock a platform to the ceiling. The person who wants the tooth must stand on the platform and someone must knock the platform up to the roof. This knocks out your tooth but the person hitting the platform needs to have a strength stat. above level 22. The tooth should be placed under the pillow on the bed in the hidden room at the entrance to the museum, the key can be found inside a grain from the lucky dip or the door can be lpicked. Search walls. Lie on the bed, then sleep...repeat this until you get the quest and one dollar from the tooth fairy.

60. Sentimentalist
This quest gets you the emote command. Go to the Patricians palace, follow the corridor all the way to the west, then go North and there should be an NPC there called Roger. Follow his instructions (lsay [something]; bing excitedly roger).

61. Slippery Grappler

62. Somewhat Batty.
Buy an over-ripe plumat the fruit and veg shop in in AM, then go to the Temple Of Small Gods on Street of Small Gods and go up to the top of the tower. Put the plum in the bowl, then when the bats all fly down to eat it, "climb ladder"

63. Spring Artificer
Go to the house somewhere in the middle of the Street of Cunning Artificers where it says you bang your head on a wooden board when trying to enter. Look at the board and the nails, next "tug wood" to remove a board and "climb window" to enter the house. Look for the Ideas room. Search the bin for an interesting piece of paper (if you read this paper it gives the plan for a mechanic: Poegoe stick = Slide pole into a spring. Bolt the pole to the spring. Weld a crossbar to the pole. Bounce up and Down!) From the Ideas room go up to the attic and "search box" 2 x to get a bolt and nut. Theres allso a bicycle here with a crossbar that can be pulled off ("pull crossbar off bicycle"). Go to the bedroom south from the Ideas room, get poker from hook and search the mattress for a spring. Now do the following:
*slide pole into spring
*bolt spring to pole with bolt and nut
Go to the lost dragon shop on Treacle Mine Road and order one. Feed it a lump of coal (found in the kitchen in the haunted mansion) to make its breath warmer and "weld crossbar to pole with dragon". You now have a Poegoe stick.

64. Stylish adventurer
Go upstairs in the Watchhouse on SHort Street and "search cabinet" for a tin of polish. Buy a buffin cloth in one of the shops on eastern part of Plaza and go to the boathouse a little east of brass bridge. Go "down" (hidden) to a room with a crocodile. Kill the croc and "search" around to find a rusted suit of chainmail. To finish, polish the armour with the cloth and polish.

65. Sympathetic
Look for a sad man on Short Street (usually on crossroads with Street of Small Gods) and 'comfort' him.

66. Thirsty Dwarf
There should be a jug in flat 2 on Peach Pie Street. Get it, go to the mansion, search cellar for keg, fill jug from keg and give the jug (filled that is) to a dwarf somewhere around the Plaza (could also be one of the dwarf warriors in Hlakket)

67. Top Scorer
On Quarry Lane look for the injured troll. He got hit by a ball and doesnt need his obsidian shoes anymore. Buy these boots (10 dollars), wear them and "join" the game the trolls are playing. You will take some damage while playing so be carefull. It takes 8 goals to complete this quest.

68. Uncobbled
Happens to all of us, you'll meet an evil elf cobbler who will give you orthopaedic shoes from hell. 'untie laces' to get rid of them.

69. Valued Customer
On the Plaza there is a shop thats selling jewellry, simply buy some of it (i think it has to be worth 25$ or something) and you become a valued customer. Now you can get your stuff restored for free in here.

70. Upbeat Enforcer
Go to the secretary's office of the Musicians' Guild in the Flintwick building (on Tinlid Alley) where Leonard Flood is standing and say can i help?/need help? or anything with help in it. He'll tell you to find Mesa Boogie to collect his unpaid fees. Normally Mesa Boogie can be found around Eight Deadly Sins and Peach Pie Street. When you found him slap/punch/kick whatever to make him pay up. Next return to Leonard and "pay 10 dollars to leonard".

71. Very, Very Lucky
Go to the music guild in the Flintwick building (on Tinlid Alley) and look for Loz Lipton. Say can i help?/need help? or anything with help in it and he'll explain he lost his plectrum. Wait for him to give a description and then go to the room with the jukebox and search it untill you have the correct plectrum. I think the sort of plectrum varies for every person.

72. Warming Saviour
Go to the Butchers' Guild (off the Street of Alchemists and Cutalong Alley) and enter the room with the locked door in the northwest wall. 'Lift lever' and have one person go northwest into the freezer while the other person (who will get the title and x.p.) remains outside. When the door slams shut, the PC outside lifts the lever and frees the poor git in the freezer.

73. Wrestling Champion
There's a wrestling area on Mackerel Street where you can participate in the fights. I think you have to win 45-50 matches to get this quest.

74. Wine Connoisseur
Go to the Flintwick building (on Tinlid Alley) and look for an NPC called Old Bob. He wants you to see a licence he found the other day. Simply "say show me the licence, please," and he'll hand it over. Now find the warehouse on The Lees (a small alley on Baker Street, all the way north) and give the licence to Benno Lacoste, follow his instructions. First you must taste the kegs (ex: taste wine in keg with one red stripe) and then give a comment on it (be original).

Haunted Mansion Quests

75. Axe Dealer
Go one s from room which you entered to do the Seasoned Explorer quest and get the axe from corpse. Go to the location with the flats, "enter flat two", find Stavic inside and give the axe to him to get a key.

76. Crypt Robber
Having completed the Veteran Explorer quest below and killed the greater demon then head north once. In this room, you have to "open coffin". This is disguised as a stone table. Then you can get all from the coffin.

77. Master of Ceremonies
(for priests, assassins, warriors and thieves) You need; Eagles feather from bandit camp quest. A few mates, i.e. a priest, a warrior and an assassin or a thief. Read the book in the tower of the mansion. It says: This page details demonic abilities for the greater demons of the dungeon dimensions. It also describes a ceremony that if performed will give immunity to many of those same abilities Firstly should the priest speak the words "sulamore", and then "galimore", whereupon the warrior and then the thief should speak, saying "duvanti". The power of magic shall flow through them, imbuing them with the ability to harm greater demons (or something like that). There is a separate Master of Ceremonies quest for witches and wizards.

78. Radiant Adventurer (doesnt give a reward anymore)
To do this quest you need the 4 required gems and be able to get into the room mentioned in the Crypt robber quest. The gems are to be found in the following places: red gem is hidden in a jar in the flats opposite the groaning platter. Green gem is obtained in the cave area of the mines in the ramtops (see the "map maker" quest). The black gem is found in the fountain The blue gem is obtained by killing the thief you search for in the Brotherhood quest in the Plaza of Broken moons. It will be on her corpse. Once you have these gems you will need to place them in the sceptre which is in the room with the coffin north of the greater demon. This will open an exit leading north. This area is a maze. I suggest you drop a different small item in each room to make your way through here. From memory though I think the first four exits are 1 3 1 3 but can't remember the last exits needed. Once you get through these rooms you will reach a room with a set of levers on a panel. I did this by just random moving of the levers. Remember to try the door each time you move a lever. Once you get this door open the next room north will ask you a riddle, the answer to which is 'escalator'. The next room is the radiance pool. Make sure you have the weapon you want radianced with you and probably best to be wielding it with no other weapons carried so that you can be sure to radiance the correct weapon. From memory this was done by dipping it in the pool but may happen just by walking in the room, hence the care with what weapon you have on you first. You will receive an intelligence stat boost of 1 which is permanent. Hence it is best if you wait till you are reasonably high level before doing this quest to ensure you get best value for money. You will also get some temporary stat boosts after doing this quest.

79. Seasoned Explorer
To get into the mansion you need a key, which can be found a little south of the mansion along Short Street, in a group of flats. 'Enter five' and search to find a trapdoor in the roof, go up. search and you find an iron key that lets you into the mansion. Get back to the entrance of the mansion and look at the stairs. You will find a switch, 'press' it and you will be able to go down. Go down and you have done the quest. Go south to get stuff off dead dwarf, especially the iron key (see Veteran Explorer quest) and the axe. DO NOT go through the east door at this point! Move on to the Axe Dealer quest..

80. Veteran Explorer
To complete this quest, you will need first of all the amulet wind demon upstairs in the Old Mansion on Short Street. To get this go upstairs to the first level, go west into the room there and then 'search cracks'. This will reveal a hidden exit to the north. Go north then go west into a hidden corridor. Go south into another room. You will need to disarm the trap in this room before going south. You will need to either lpick the door to the south or get the key from the dwarf corpse mentioned in the Axe Dealer quest. By either method, head south after disarming the trap and in this room is the wind demon. To get the demon to appear, you will need to open the box on the table with "open box". This can be done only once per reset. You will then need to kill the demon after which it drops the amulet or it will be on its corpse. Get it but do not wear it as it breaks in combat very readily. You will then need to go downstairs and enter the hidden cellar as per the Seasoned Explorer quest. Where the dwarf corpse is, there is a blade trap. You will need to disarm the trap, or get it disarmed for you. Then head east once. To head east again, you will need the key given to you by Stavic or be able to lpick the door to the east. Go east using either method. There are usually 3 demons there. You will need to kill them, or get help doing so. Once they are dead, go east again, where there is usually a banshee. To get rid of the banshee, you need the amulet taken from the wind demon. Use demon on banshee, or use amulet on banshee and it should disappear and the amulet will crumble. Then disarm the trap in this room (gas trap). In the next room east is the greater demon. To kill this demon, you will need to have done the Master of Ceremonies quest or you can also get someone to kill it for you. Reaching this room will get you the Veteran Explorer Quest. Go on now to the Crypt Robber quest above.