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Discworld MUD Quests

Skund Forest

1. Chompers Repair (doesnt give a reward anymore)
Now this really is a bloody big quest. For starters, go see Old Percy in that diamond shop on the northern part of the Quarry in Skund Forest. Say "Cohen needs dentures" and Percy will explain his assistents screwed up the original impressions from Cohen and that you'll have to get a new one. Percy will give a piece of measuring wax, take this to Cohen in the Warrior's Guild (normally he hangs out somewhere in the back upstairs) and give it to him. Cohen will make an impression of his gums in the wax and return it to you. Return to Percy and give him back the wax. He'll thank you, but propably wont remember what the wax was for and will fall asleep. Get his attention back by saying "where are my dentures". Now that the guy is focusing again he'll tell you he doesnt have enough quality diamond (he needs troll diamond).

Go to the place all the way east in the Quarry where there is a lot of air. Search the air. An Air Troll should turn up soon and will automatically attack. Kill it and take the forest fire from the corpse. Look for the place on the south-western part of the quarry where it says in the description there is a jimble of rocks and "take/get rocks" (only take rocks and stones. Pebbles are to small for what you need to do, so drop them). Youll need around 5. From here, go 1 east and either wait for the silent troll to pass so you can "climb troll" and go up all the way, or get a friend to stand there for a sec and stand on him instead. Go up till you cant go any higher and kiss, lick and french the tree (making him grow so its posible to get higher). Go up some more to the cave shaped like a mouth. Enter. Next "wedge stone/rock into gap", drop the forest fire and "light fire". And now sit back and enjoy the scene that will follow :). When the scene ends go south QUICKLY before that exit disappears and follow this road: S,S,SE,SE,Up (wont show, hidden). There are 2 bushes here, take them, go down twice and "wedge bush into nostril" (2x) to make the troll open his mouth. He'll sneeze them out after a while so dont waste any time entering the mouth. After entering simply follow the road passed a Troll Expert till you come across the entrance of a mace. There is a Tooth Fairy here (upstairs i believe) that has to be killed. Get the obble from her corpse and "kiss obble" to get directions towards a troll tooth. There are aggressive ulcers in the mace, and they can be quite nasty for low level players so be VERY carefull here. Try to avoid them and bring some good armour with stuff to heal yourself. After a while, if you followed the obble the right way you will find a huge Troll Tooth on the floor, take it. Get out of the mace by running all over the place untill you come across the exit again (very annoying to do). Its best to drop something at the first room inside the maze. If you come across it again, go down and your out of the maze. Once out of the mace go back to where you found the bushes and continue going up till the path ends in the quarry.

Right and now for the conclusion: give the Troll Tooth to Old Percy, he'll give back a diamond denture. Take the dentures to Cohen and he will reward you with a Worm Sword!

2. Dog Pal
There's a dog all the way south from the crossroads with the Frightened Traveller. To get passed it, go North from the crossroad till you come across some wolves (there should be a group of 5 and 2 if they're not yet killed by other players). Kill them, drag the corpses to the gigantic dog and 'feed' the dog with it. Should take 4 or so corpses.

3. Hillshire Tourist
A Troll is blocking the bridge giving acces to the village of Hillshire. If you listen to him for a while, he will tell you have to give him a ring (he like silver rings but thinks its a shame it gets tarnished so what you really want is a tarnished ring). Go to the fire 1W, 1S from the Pekan Ford shop, there search the circle and you'll find the ring. Now get the ring from the circle and give it to the troll, he'll give a Troll Bridge pass.

4. Eye Doctor
Theres a temple with the statues of a noble dragon and a hunting cat not far from Pekan Ford. To get there, go N,N,W(hidden) from the hamlet crossroad and then follow the trail to the temple. Now your here, bow to the cat and dragon, next 'pat' the cat. An entrance to the temple interior will now appear. Go in and blow the horn (this is to make the outside dragon raise his eyelid), go out by patting the cat and 'get ruby from dragon'. Go back in and 'put ruby in socket'.
A hole will appear with a crystal ball in it, take it.

Ohulan Cutash

Friend of Tourists
You need to have done the Dog Pal quest or just kill the dog if you cant be bothered. In Skund forest on Frightened Traveller go south to the house. Have a look at the rooms till you find the one where you can go down. Once down type 'push boxes', thus revealing a secret door. If it doesnt open straight away, go to the kitchen and 'search jar' for the key. In the secret room you'll find the luggage, say 'twoflower misses you' and 'follow me' to have it follow you. Now go to the hotel in OC, where Twoflower is. He should give you a reward. (I thought he gave the wyrm sword but last time it tried i got a heavy cube/camera)

Wheeler dealer
This one is actually found a little west from Ohulan Cutash.
Theres a spot where a cart has crashed and a strongarm + merchant are standing there. Take the broken wheel and go to the cooper in Lancre with it where you can repair it (repair wheel with tools). Now go back to the merchant and give hime the wheel. In return he'll give you 50 crowns.
You'll need 10 though for the repairing part.

Dinky Farm + Sheepridge

Memory Aid
Look for the barn and go downstairs to search the straw mat for a board. Go to the chickens in the farmyard and show the board to Cyril.

Simple Farm Hand
Go to the barn again and get the seeds from the sack. "Scatter seeds" near the chickens and wait till they chow down.

Smith's Friend
Enter farm, go north till gate to corn fields, go n, n, w, w, w, w, n, w, w, nw, n, e, ne, e, e, s, s, search, find strange object go to smith in village forge (w of cross-roads), give him strange object, receive smith's hammer from him.

Weapon Forger
You'll need the smith's hammer for this one (Smith's Friend). Go to crossroad's at village, search and go se, search, get lump of metal, go to forge at farm, "forge scythe" ( you should have level 20 in, sharpen scythe with grindstone (in forge), get oilstone from cupboard in forge, sharpen scythe with oilstone, find steel somewhere round farm or at smith (search), sharpen scythe with steel. Get sack from barn, sharpen scythe with sack, sharpen scythe with material (in pub in village), sharpen scythe with blanket (in living room of farmhouse). Go west from village cross-roads, search bones, get sheet, sharpen scythe with sheet, go to farmhouse, go upstairs, search clothes, get handkerchief, sharpen scythe with handkerchief, go to forge, sharpen scythe with cobweb, go out when its day, sharpen scythe with sunlight (or daylight, you might have to try a few times). You now have an extremely sharp scythe used for the Green Thumbed quest.


Ghost Appeaser
Go to Nowhere, find the house, get the jar from the kitchen, find the room with the chair and the carpet, "move chair", "move carpet" and go down. Search, and get the seed packet. Go to the stables and pick up the shovel. Go to the cemetery and "dig Isabel's grave with shovel". Then "plant seed in jar", drop jar and wait few mins the jar will explode, get rose and "place rose on Isabel's grave".