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Discworld MUD Quests

Lancre + Ramtops

Stone Doner
In the Ramtops there is a place where all the giants are, sneak through and search around for a hidden cave. You will have to get the ruby from the chest and give it to the Giants

Blade Forger (Reward has been taken out)
You need;
*level 25 in
*a smith's hammer
Go to Madstoat. Go one south from carriage stop, "search doormat". This should give you a key to let you into the cottage "Enter white-washed cottage" and "get hilt from table". Travel to Bad Ass village. Enter the Blacksmiths and get the metal stick from there. Then "forge blade from stick and handle" you need to hold hammer. Travel to Soyin's Temple. To find the temple from Bad Ass go 2 x NE, E, NE, E, NE, E, NE, 2 x E, 2 x NE, 2 x SE, E, SE, NE, S, SE, 2 x NE, 2 x SE, NE. You will need to be of good alignment to get past the Temple Guard, do not attempt to kill the guard, as a bolt of lightning will kill you. When you can past him enter the temple, go east and buy an amulet of confessions wear amulet and go 2w and "put blade in alcove".

Earitating student
Go to the Ramtops and in a location with only a south exit and go east. Keep going east till you get to the listening monks temple. You need to get the coral ear horn by type "search shelf" in the novice area (the room with brother harken). Then go into the garden and type "listen to grass with horn" Then there's a side corridor area an in the description it says it smells like paint and there's a bucket of paint there. Type "paint wall withpaint" and "listen to paint with horn". For the coin test, go to brother harken and give him a gold coin, a silver coin and a copper coin. he'll flip one and they all have a different sound e.g. clink. go to the library and type "investigate gold coin in textbook" and do the same for silver and copper and it will tell you which sound goes with which coin and whether it's heads or tails. Then whisper the answer to brother harken and that's it.

Artistic renovator
Same as above, in the temple go to a storeroom search the shelf, open the box and get some tiles from a box Then go to the abbot's study and search the desk outside it to get some glue. All around the temple there are mosaics with bits missing, all you have to do is match up the missing tiles and stick them down.

Mad Stoat and Lancre

Stylish Thief
You need;
*To get into the secret Brandobas House in Mad Stoat, which I think is got into by searching the first room in the south house, or the square outside, or somewhere around there and go down
*Be quite high in and
Go to the bar at the bottom and enter the dark alcove "look hole" and see the trap, then if you are good enough, "pick lock" Try to "steal daggers" on the pedestal. However, beware as not having a high enough skill will drop you onto spikes, loosing lots of HP NOTE when holding BOTH daggers your dexterity will increase by one, hence "thieves' daggers"

Soap groper
You need;
*A sharp knife/dagger/thing
Go to east house in Mad Stoat and go into the bathroom "pull chain" then "scrape flakes"

Rodent Aviation Expert
You need;
*A sharp knife/dagger/thing
Go to southern cottage in Mad Stoat and open the kitchen cupboard for cheese Go back to east cottage and "cut cheese into two pieces" "Put slice on table", then "rock chair" and "put slice on spring"

Expectant client
You may not have to do this bit, but go to Nanny Ogg's house and wander about there till she turns up Go to the forge in the town and say to Jason "you are needed to babysit our Pewsey" When he complains say no and wait a few minutes until Death turns up "shoe horse" when he arrives then get horse-shoe from floor.

Bumpkin brawler
You need;
*to be a half decent fighter
Go upstairs in the pub in Lancre "swing on chandelier" than attack and kill the big yokel

Unicorn Tamer
You need;
*the grey hair noose from Granny Weatherwax's house in Bad Ass
*to have done "expectant client" first
The unicorn is at a hidden trail off the north trail that is east of the customs troll in Gloomy Forest Put your weapons away, so that when the unicorn comes near you don't kill it as it can be aggressive "Lasso unicorn with noose" and search the pool in the same clearing for a silver horse-shoe "Lead" the unicorn to Jason Ogg's smithy in Lancre and shoe unicorn with horse-shoe

Preserver of Peace
Find brother Tublid/Happlon(?? God knows his name) in Lancre square and say you'll help him, he'll give you the abbot's overshoes. Go to the village before the listening temple and enter the southern hut. Search (possibly "plump pillow")the pillow to find the needle, then search the basket until you find the blue thread. Fix the shoes and give them to the novice at the entrance to the temple. Slice and Razorback

Witchful Waker
In the farmhouse in Slice, upstairs is a drunken man on the bed. Get the bottle from the floor Either get it filled with Triple Distilled Peach Brandy (it can be purchased from the troll over Lancre bridge, in a bar in KLK I think and a few places in AM) or a sobering potion (it can be bought from witches, sorry, dont know recipe NB. also can be bought 2 s in TOSG) Make the man drink the potion by 'feed bottle to man' or something similar.

Ray of Sunshine
You need;
*2 lanterns
Go to e end of Slice and search, then go down a few times Get to place where the sun don't shine, light the lanterns and illuminate the bush, then pick up the nuts

Little Piggy
Go to the farm house in Slice and find the woman there Say "posh", then "because I have thirteen toes"

Cheesy Goat Charmer
Goto shed in Razorback and search cot for aftershave Go ne until you find the goat and spray the aftersave at yourself until the goat follows you Go to the dairy, then go one north and search objects for the bucket Go s and sit on the stool, drop the bucket and milk the goat into the bucket until it is dry Search shelves for packet and get ripener from packet Put ripener in the barrel and pour the milk into it as well "Get the paddle from churn" in the north room and search objects a few times for the cheese cloth Go south and stir the barrel with the paddle Get the curds from the barrel and wrap them in the cloth Wait a few minutes for cheese.

Bull ring breeding expert
Go to the bull at the end of Razorback then go north twice and get hay Go back and put the bale in the trough and "get ring from nose" when the bull moves to it Go to the milkmaid in the dairy and say something about rings Go to Little Heinie in the ht and say "she wants a nosering" then when he says something give him the ring He'll follow you, take him to the maid and wait until they walk off together.