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About Me!

About Me!

Welcome to my Website! This webpage was made to tell you a bit about me! Well lets get started...

My name is Julianna, My mates call me Jules or Julie. I'm female and come from England! As you might already know, I LOVE animals and I LOVE Daniel Radcliffe! I always have! I am 13 years old and already am a A/B grade student at Carrickfergus Grammar School. I have plenty of fun and enjoyable hobbies! For example; I love playing and working on computers, I also love art and English! I read loads of books and am now reading two books about how to take care of your pets and I have finished Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix... Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is cool, it is my tenth time reading it and it is my fave book in the world! I am very good at drawing and many of my friends love to make me draw stuff!
My bestest friend is Caroline Jones Williams! She is more a sister than a best friend!!! She also comes from England and has been my best friend since I was 7 years old!!! That is almost 7 years! Even though I have moved to Northern Ireland now, we still keep contact and I hope to be visiting her soon! I have really good friends like Dee Jardine, Rebecca Tester, Lois Knox and Mark. Thomas Coish used to hang around with us but he has moved back to Canada! Bye Thomas! My favourite colours are Green, Yellow and Blue! That explains the background!! I love serfing the net and talking to my mates on msn. My favourite web site is where I play and feed my neopets while earning neopoints and fighting in the battledome!! My neopets are Super_angel_007, Gabbie_7, Ocean_Phoenix and Birdy_al7oqz.
I used to have two long haired tabby cats called Tiger and Chanel but Tiger got attatched to my neighbour and we couldn't take him to Ireland!! :'(

I love Daniel Radcliffe more than anyone else in the world!!! He is lovely and I will be auditioning for the part of Cho Chang... She kisses him in the fifth book... hehehe, I'm all giggles!

Well thats all about me! I hope you liked my webpage!! Please Come back soon and I will have all sorts of things up!!! ^_~