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When Super Metroid was released in the US, it was hugley popular among Metroid Fanatics.The game was one of the biggest games ever released, in terms of cart size.The title boasted superb graphics and sound and some of the most outstanding gameplay features ever! It outclassed the other two titles in every single way and more.

Super Metroid ahd a huge world filled with some of the most inventive creatures to it's time.The bosses were some of the biggest and most beutiful ever designed,I almost did not want to vaporize them,..almost.

The intricate planet and region design was well thought and actually made sense.The fact that two areas actually required you to locate and find two new suits just to explore them and progress in the game.

The items in the game made sense to the overall feeling of the game.To replace health, you did not find medkits, you found energy orbs.Missles, well, you found missles.

Super Metroid is so well rounded and so perfectly designed EGM named it the Greatest Game of All Time, and so do I.

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