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Thanks to Metroid Database for these! THE MID-AIR JUMP

This move comes in handy when falling down long shafts, and is a technique which I actually discovered myself! ^_^ It works on the same principle as the Bomb Jump -- i.e., as long as the Samus sprite is in the "stand" position, you can make her jump, even if it's in mid-air.

1) Roll into a ball
2) Roll off the edge of a platform
3) While falling, tap UP
4) Samus will be in a standing position as she falls.
You can now jump once from here.


Not to be confused with the Wall Jump technique used in Super Metroid, this trick could be considered a straight-up cheat, as it's basically the exploitation of a glitch which actually can make getting through some portions of the game quicker and easier. But hey, if Street Fighter players can use glitches and call them "techniques," then Metroid players can too. Using a controller equipped with a TURBO function makes this trick even eaiser, although it can be done on a standard pad with some practice. Also, BE FOREWARNED that if you screw this move up, you can get stuck in a wall and be forced to reset your game, or at least end it (see the next trick), so excercise caution when trying this!!

1) Open a door. 2) Stand in the doorway, preferably facing outward, and let the door close around you (so that you are caught in the door). It's a good idea to try to time a short jump with the closing of the door so you can make sure you're stuck. 3) Start jumping rapidly (this is where a Turbo controller comes in real handy). 4) As you are jumping, tap DOWN on the control pad (or joystick) every once in a while so that Samus turns into a ball for a split second and jumps out of it immediately. 5) Each time Samus jumps out of the ball, she should work her way up the wall just a bit. 6) Once Samus nears the top of the screen, allow the scrolling to catch up with her by jumping repeatedly without pressing DOWN. This will scroll the screen down so that Samus will have more room to work up the wall. If you make Samus jump out of the top of the screen, it will scroll upwards instead and Samus will either get stuck or come up from the bottom. ANOTHER METHOD...

1) Let the door close around you as above.
2) Press Up and Down on the control pad (or joystick, which is recommended) rapidly, so again, Samus starts turning into a ball and jumps out of it right away, causing the same effect which allows her to work up the wall.


Enter as your password: "JUSTIN BAILEY", which takes up the whole top row, and then enter all blank spaces in the bottom row. Hit start and POOF... you are armorless Samus in Tourian! HUBBA HUBBA

Thanks to U_fox

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