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Here's some links.

Link 01
Oh my god it's ICP!

Link 02
Hevy Devy Records creator Devin Townsend.

Link 03
Poke the bunny!

Link 04

Link 05
Um... Man show DBZ style.

Link 06
Turn any web page dirty in seconds!

Link 07
Mmmm... Delicius.

Link 08

Link 09

Link 10

Link 11
101 things to do with a dead totoro

Link 12
Queer Duck!

Link 13
It's peanut butter jelly time!

Link 14
Dail M for Muffin

Link 15
Lair of the Crab of Inneffible Wisdom

Link 16
The the world should be.

Link 17
Is it not nifty?

Link 18
They love the web! ...too much.

Link 19
Jackie Chan as a stick.

Link 20
Take a close look at this picture... There's a hidden image, and it may take a little while to find, but when you do you'll wonder why you didn't before. It's really cool!

Link 21
Turn any image into a acsii pic. No, really!

Link 22
Absolutely stunning music video

Link 23
Magic: TG Gameplay Variations!

Link 24
Slogan generator!

Link 25
Just like GTA, but with more of a plot!

Link 26
Play a tune on... um... this dude...

Link 27
Umm... Nipple-headed babies in flash.

Link 28
Sushi Racers!