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What is EverQuest?


EverQuest is an online multiplayer game created by Sony Online Entertainment and Verant Interactive in which there are over 40 different servers to connect to and play on. Each of these servers holds around 8,000 people max and around 2,000+ at any one time. In this game you can chose to be one of many Race/Class/Deity combinations (my main character is a High Elf Magician who is Agnostic.) and may have up to 8 characters per server (except role-playing servers). Depending on what you choose to be, each race/class gets special race/class only skills and spells and you roam the world adventuring, grouping, fighting, questing, and meeting many people all in the process of completing your ultimate quest. I can tell you all i want but there's no better way to learn than jump in and get your hands dirty.