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May Main News



Members...don't forget to come to our channel:   Clan l2k-  l   especially on Sundays for the meetings, and tell me to add your name to the site


Ruthless Killaz - the BEST gaming clan!  I am making a new layout, if you would like to help, email l2k-masskiller at




hey I know that there's a few people still coming to my site, and I guess you are mad that I don't update it or whatever, but I kind of gave up ever since Midnite came in and made a new site. if you really want updates, just go to because I'm too tired of this stuff to keep doing it I'm too busy with the rest of my life and all the things I have to do to worry with a stupid thing like a website. sorry but that's just how it has to go! I might make some kind of great new website if I ever get the chance, but if anyone wants any of the code from my site, just email me @ or IM me with aim at Girard747 ok I guess this will be the last time i post for a long time. Peace out stay cool everyone don't drop out of school. bye.


I'm almost done with the new layout, but I need to get FrontPage 2000 to edit it because they don't have 2002 extensions but ill get that tonight and then ill convert all the pages and you'll have a new layout to be proud of . Go to  for a preview.


Hey, tonight I am going to redraw the entire layout, remake the entire members list and probably use some new buttons and stuff too. I don't have much time right now to do it, I have to go to school, but I will do that tonight for anyone that is still coming to my site k Peace and thx for the support


Heh put your mouse over one of the buttons above, or put it over this one it plays a cool sound I took it straight out of BrooDat.mpq oh and I forgot a bit on the Elements of Lurker Defense page, and I will finish it tomorrow night, but I'm going to sleep soon so nm lol


Oh my god. Today, I was part of the team that won Elements of Lurker Defense. I couldn't even believe it. I have screenshots of everyone's formation, if you want to see it and try to win like I did . They are HERE


lol i got this cool video its HERE its pretty funny but the words make nearly no sense but its still sweet ok thats about all for today.


P.S. Val is like grounded or something so he wont be on for a few days... during that time, it will be me on l.2.k-



lol I just got my internet back it was dead last week and I was in brazil the week before that sorry but I am kind of busy lately with my organized group of counter-strike cheaters lol but I'm sorry to those ppl that I couldn't add to the site because of "problems beyond my control"  heh but ill try to get to that today and I'm gona try to get a new forum if I can but I don't know I got a guy with a site that says he might host a site for me because Angelfire is gay and I'm too cheap to pay for a site rofl


The forum is back up! sign up there and talk to fellow members when they aren't on Battle.Net!

lol someone told me that their name was never on the list and that's because if you don't tell me your name, I wont put it on the list, because its too hard updating the list every day all the time, I have school and stuff to do too, and if the person leaves the next day then I have too delete e them and its way too hard! my grades are like al E's and I probably need to focus on that more and that's why I didn't update like at all for a period of time... but if you want to be added to the list, email me at, IM me with AOL Instant Messenger at Girard747

or talk to me with MSN at Ok, that's all for today


Well, I have been updating the members list as people have been asking me to, and the forum is down so you wont be able to use that for a while I guess.... well I guess we can still play SC and stuff lol. well someone tell me as soon as they se it up m really busy a lot... well Peace!


hey what's up today everyone not many people have been telling me their member info.... whets up with that? today if updated the intro a bit and I really want you to go to the forum and sign up and post to talk to the other members when they aren't on or something and u want to tell them something important or whatever uh ok Peace Out yall s lol


I am going to remake the Members Page, so if you would like to have your name, rank, email, and AOL/MSN messenger screenname posted, email me at or IM me at Girard747 with AOL Instant Messenger.


well i added winace with a keygen but that's all because I don't really know the clan and if you want on the list IM me with AOL at Girard747 or email me or IM me with MSN at ok? thanks for the cooperation! (ya right! lol)

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