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Yes, it takes me a long time to update the site but that's because I'm always hard at work on the actual games. Hype is for the popular kids. Just really (b)logging in to tell you that Tobias and Telenaut are continuing at the same slow and steady rate, and to provide a short Development update for each. Emina is unsurprisingly dead, although it was never really alive.
Apart from a few more pictures added to the Show Me Your Moves gallery, that's it.

Oh one more thing, I discovered a little known fantastic Klik game a while back. Play it ALL NOW here.

NEWS FLASH!:30/9/05
THE YEAR IS 2005...
This update is mostly just to keep you posted on how our main games have been developing. Tobias and Telenaut have both recieved a new entry in their dev logs and some more screenshots to whet your appetite. Despite how cool it sounds, Emina has really had no work done on it at all and should really be deleted from the "In Development" section. Maybe next time.
Many months back our Smash Bros Board Game "Show Me Your Moves" got a mention in UK NGC magazine Issue 103, although they were most impressed by our SSBM Gallery, (girls aren't).
I am also aware that I'm still hosting .exe files that Angelfire won't let you download. Within a week these should have been changed to .zips which should get them past Angelfire's stupid system.
Also, you can now get to this site damn fast by typing in . You are lucky, lucky people. I think that pretty much rounds up the year...well, unless you want to talk about my personal life.

(In voice of AOL woman) Goodbye!

FLASH FLASH!:19/9/04
I've just realised that Angelfire are a bunch of profanities. They won't let you download .exe files becuase we are definitely all small children who need virus supervision. have to use Winsite links, (which do work: just wait 10-20 seconds), and the Graveyard will need zipping.
Also, you can shrink that search bar that appears. Close it and it comes back!

NEWS FLASH!:18/9/04
Ok, so maybe it took a little more than two weeks, but the update hath arriveth.
The progress of Telenaut and Tobias has been happening smoothly. You should really check out the development section for Telenaut first; it's got some nice first action shots and a blurb to get the anticipation juice flowing. We're really proud of the work we've done so far on both games.
The Games section now includes an "other" section for miscellaneous items that won't fit anywhere else. The big thing that you should really take a look at in there is "Show Me Your Moves", the Super Smash Bros. Melee board game. That's right, we've made a real life board game that incorporates the playing of SSBM. How do we come up with such ideas?
The ever-expanding Graveyard continues to, well, expand; this time with the inclusion of Adamario Party, the four-player in-joke based fun machine. Do with it what you will. Also, I was glad to discover that Battle Boys has got an entry at Home of the Underdogs where they've given it a pretty positive review. Thanks guys!

That's pretty much all the news for now. Now I should really get back to making Tobias...

NEWS FLASH!:12/8/04
Just here to announce that a pretty big update will appear somewhere in the next two weeks. Until then, may the Shwartz be with you.

He he

NEWS FLASH!:22/5/04
A quick update here becuase I've created a tutorial for anyone that wants to make a split screen game. This only works for MMF 1.5, and all the info is in the .cca file. You can download it off this page.
Other games are doing fine, Tobias in particular. The first level of Telenaut is completed, and absolutely nothing has happened to Emina. Oh well.

NEWS FLASH!:15/02/04
Jesus H. Exclamation, there's a lot to tell you about! Most obviously we finally have a new, main game ready for download: Battle Boys. Despite the silly (no, tongue-in-cheek) name it really is fantastic and loads of fun. Absolutely the best downloadable game on the site, by a considerable margin. Go find it in the Games section, why don't you?
Ready for download is also the addictive new Graveyard game staring my friend Robert Paskin, check that out when you feel the need for quick, single player thrills (that is after you are sick of playing Battle Boys becuase it requires fellow human beings).
Also, you'll notice that the site has had a minor reworking; there is now an About section for the dazed and confused and all the games are in a nice (illustrated!) menu. Trust me, this "minor reworking" took me longer than you'd think, but then everything seems to with me.
Talking of which; what's been developing in the old Development section? Games you hope, either that or the cure for spam. Well, games it is. Tobias And The Dark Sceptres is making it's usual enthusiastic but oh-so-slow progress; I've supplied screenshots, animations and more writing! Ben's game: Yanus Castus and the Elements of Kamaria has been scrapped because it was just too complicated for him to be bothered with, and we weren't entirely satisfied with how it played. Now he's working on the an action platform game where you play as a guy with cool powers straight out of Japanese cartoons. I've called it Emina for now, although that'll probably get changed in a bit.
There's more! After the fun we had making Battle Boys, Ben and I are moving straight on to start another game: Telenaut Omega. This and Emina have both got vague details written about them in the Development section.
Finally, our voting poll had to be refreshed in order to include Battle Boys so if anyone cares, the final results were:

Fragment 16 (61%)
Gyrus 6 (23%)
Pi 1 (3%)
Terra 3 (11%)

26 Total votes

Well, here's me wishing you a merry Battling and a cheery wave...
...I'll keep in touch

The update below still applies, be expecting our best new game yet, a hearty development update and a site reworking in about February! In the mean time, why don't you play the best Graveyard game yet, unsurprisngly in the Graveyard section!

Hardly a NEWS FLASH!:16/10/03
Trust me, it may not seem like it but A LOT. Just updating to say that work is moving along just fine on Battle Boys and Tobias. I'm just adding finishing touches to the 1st half of Tobias before I start the 2nd, and there'll be a major update then. Also Battle Boys is onomatapeaically zooming towards completion, so after Christmas expect BIG THINGS to have happened to this site.

Communicate to you soon!

NEWS FLASH!:17/04/03
Huzzah, another update, so what's been going down on the Chemical X Games scene?
Firstly, we've signed up for a re-direction thingy so if you don't like writing out our long web address and you don't mind an extra Korean T-shirt pop up, type in instead. Wonderful. Also I've given some of our games to a South African company so that they can distribute them. So (although your probably just visiting for non-existant Gyrus patches), "Welcome South African visitors!".
Yes there's more: The Yanus Castus development page is now up and running, so you might as well get equally up and equally running over to the Development section right now for the low-down on Ben's fantastic new game. Also in development, you'll find another tantalising update on Battle Boys; this time with high definition screenshots.
For those of you (and who isn't?) who are interested in the progress of Tobias, I'm afraid there's no update currently. This is becuase although I work very hard on it, progress is still slow due to the sheer complexity and effort that is put into each frame. Another reason is I'm kind of being secretive about the content so that it surprises you when you eventually play it.

I've been Adam Butcher, knowing me knowing you, a-ha

NEWS FLASH!:6/01/03
Thinking about it I really shouldn't really start each update with NEWS FLASH! it get's people all unnecassary. Happy New Year and Christmas to all those who can be bothered to look here.
Anyway, the world is changing and the two games currently in development will soon be treated to some more writing up. Check them out in the Development Section.
Also, Ben has stopped working on Xenon much to the world's dissapointment and is instead working on a top-down fantasy adventure game. Like Zelda on the GameBoy. It's looking really good, but it will take him about 5 years to complete.
Maybe that will squeeze it's way into the Development Section as well.

Signing off

NEWS FLASH!:3/11/02
Er...yes. Now, thanks to Winsite all of our big games can be downloaded by clicking on the [Download Now From Winsite] links. Winsite have a T1 connection which should make downloading a lot quicker. Also, as long as you use the link exactly as I have and ask permission , you can place it onto your website free 'o' charge!

This means a lot more to me than you could imagine

NEWS FLASH!:22/10/02
"It could have been six!" says man's best friend (no not a dog)
Yes, an update. How 3 months just hurtle by!
More importantly, what has been updated? Firstly, Ben Claxton has joined the crime fighting team that is Chemical X Games! His special powers include, saying "humous" in time with that Simon and Garfunkle song and...that's it. He's been working on his shoot-em-up alien crazyness game: Xenon and it's just getting better and better. Harder as well.
Also, Ben and I have been working together to make an exciting co-operative flying/shooting game cheesily known as BATTLE BOYS. Check out how it's shaping up in the Development section.
Secondly, a new game has been added to the ever expanding Graveyard known as Oppression LIVE! It stars me and Jon, against hotdog-shooting square people. Now that's entertainment.
Oh yes, Tobias And The Dark Sceptres is now...about a third complete, have a look at the Development section for more details.

Goodbye dear reader(s)

NEWS FLASH!:9/7/02
Yes, that's right; an update! This may however interest some of you for once. I have just discovered that I can compress the sound files for the all the games I make, which means that now most games are roughly half the file size they used to be! Also the sound quality dosn't seem to be effected. Now, if you were hesitant about downloading a game because of it's file size you can now be approximately 50% as hesitant as you were. Lucky you.

For those of you who have MMF, or perhaps even any Klik Product, you can put the sound compression mode on by ticking the correct box in the General section of the Preferences menu.

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