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UPDATE: This game has been released here:
The rest is kept here for posterity. Google can't seem to forget it.

Tobias And The Dark Sceptres is a platform adventure game in which you play Tobias, a brave adventurer and loyal subject to King Sopwell. Much to his dismay, The Chaos, the single embodiment of pure evil in the universe, has been called back into existence and it's Tobias' job to get it to "Naff off". Thus begins a game of battling evil, exploring dungeons and working out fiendish puzzles, with only your sword, shield, wits and whatever else you may find to help you on your quest to vanquish the darkness.
The philosophy behind making this game has been to really push the expectations of your the freeware fantasy platform genre. Unlike many action-adventures in the freeware community, this game has genuinely challenging and original puzzles, complex enemies and carefully crafted enviroments...oh God I'm starting to sound pretentious, but it is true. I'm just really proud of this game.

An end is in sight. Just. I'm half way through the FINAL EVER dungeon-type level, and then after that it's two bosses and the cutscenes to go with them. I like my big bosses, so don't expect anything too soon, and don't forget that after 5 years in development, the earlier sections are going to need a bit more of a polish. Scrub scrub.
I'm going to use the summer and lack of a job to the max.

Look at that, over a year since my last update and I can tell that my progress will sound awfully slow. Still, I'm very happy with what I've done, the game just keeps on getting better and better.
Firstly, I've fixed probably the largest problem in the game, that Tobias himself was a TERRIBLE sprite, and now he looks all cool with trousers and everything. Then I created my largest level yet and now I'm about two thirds through a meaty boss chapter. Check out the new Tobias screens below, although I'm not showing any screens of the later levels. Gotta keep up the mystery!

Here's looking forward to a release before 2010...

New Tobias with sword and "Hero Hair"

And now with a shield! Who's a clever boy?

The Forest level is finished and everything is progressing very nicely. I'm onto a nice big dungeon level type thing.
It has also been decided that Tobias will have a semi-original soundtrack. This means that all the midis featured will be obscure, remixed video game musics or completely original midi creations from yours truly. So far, I've written a stirring Tobias theme, a menu theme, and the background musics to half of the levels. I can't be fussed with showing you any more screenshots for a while, the game content is meant surprise you. I will tell you that the graphics are just getting better and better, as you may have guessed from the Forest shots last time.

Small update eh?

There hasn't been an update for ages! Has Adam actually achieved anything in this time?
Damn straight he has, (sound of stepping out of 3rd person narrative), I am now around half way through the game, pretty much exactly, so by this rate expect the game finished in 2006. Genuinely.
Since the last update, I've finished a massive Chapter, (probably the longest one to make ever because all the rooms looked completely different), made a wonderful set of cutscenes and am now making great progress on the Forest Chapter. Also, I went back all over my previous Chapters, ironing out glitches and making everything look nicer. This was a lot of work and took a very long time, for example almost every sprite in the Cave Chapter needed redrawing; it now, of course, looks a lot better.
I downloaded a copy of Microsoft Gif Maker and so I can now show off some of my animated munchkins to you. I hope you enjoy them.

Until next time...

All those background vines took me ages to draw and then someone puts a bloody hole in it!

"Leafy!" Tobias silently declares

A bat happily replaces those TERRIBLE THINGS I had before

Same shot, better looking cave

Look at them dance/be animated!

More to Tobias has been achieved!
Yes, that's right I've just finished the fifth chapter, my longest and most complicated to date. Unfortunately, to keep the sense of surprise in the game I am attempting to give no secrets away, but let's just you say you can get a new and intriguing magical item that has never been done before in any fantasy genre game. Also, there's an exciting mini-game to confuse and annoy you! I like the look and feel of the level, the wise manís tower is very garish and the enemies are oh so very cute.

Tobias and a garish homunculi have a scrap behind the banister

Floating spheres and hey, some nice particle affects. Tobias looks as gormless as ever

Whatever it is, it's so very cute. Yes you are! Yes you are!

Well then, what have I achieved in 4 months? Chapters 3 and 4 are completely finished! This means the inclusion of a crossbow, several long and exciting cutscenes, yet another many moved multi sectioned boss battle of epic proportions, more badguys, more puzzles. I must say, I am particularly proud of the boss and the cutscenes that go with him, his power to make tables and rock fly across the room is pretty cool if you like that sort of thing...which I do. No screen shots of the boss however, for I don't want to give anything away. It may ruin the ingeneous plot! True, perhaps not that much for 4 whole months, but whoever you are cant even be bothered to read the next word (sprouts) let alone care whether TATDS comes out at all.
I've realised that the whole music/screenshot thing was a bit now you just get screenshots. Enjoy them muchly!

Green gunge, a black board and...holy expletives! An insectoid guard!

Mechanical flying thingummys spot Tobias jumping with a crossbow

So many levers, so little time (4 months)

So far I have completed the start screen, save system, the first two chapters (including a collosal boss) and I have now started work on Chapter 3. My insectoid guards are looking good. Here's a few pictures to whet your appetite, and you can click on them to sample the music of that level.

Tobias recieves bad news from the king

Happlessly defending against some Blobs and...erm...Flying Blobs

Tobias just avoids a leg amputation

A carryable rock? Acid? The smell of a puzzle fills the air

Tobias confonts an insectoid guard

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