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 All members will have a (GOH) after their chosen account name.

 Every member will be as active as possible.

 ALL members will respect each other and respect members of a higher rank.

 No member will abuse their rank.

 No member or members will engage in a war with another clan. We are a neutral clan.

 Every member will provide a valid email for contact purposes. (Members will NOT be added to the site until they have
 supplied me a valid email!)

 No member or members will steal from any member of the guild. (Doing so will result in the removal from the guild.
 Unless the items are replaced.)

 If any member is inactive for more than a period of two weeks you will be removed from the site and will no longer be
 part of the guild. (There are exceptions to every rule. For instance, your computer dies and you physically cannot play.
 Also the death of a loved one or some other major catastrophy.) In these cases, missing members are responsible for
 emailing Cedric and letting him know their current status.

 ALL rules are subject to change.



 This part of the guild is yet to be discussed among the High-Lords.







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