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 High-Lords-The High-Lords will conduct diplomacy with other guilds and maintain guild stability. There can be only three
 High-Lords at any given time. Also, they will conduct recruitment of new members. They will squash any guild problems to
 the best of their ability. Should the occasion arise regarding the removal of a member, a vote will be cast among the four
 High-Lords. Majority rules, which means if there are two votes to two, the first Lord listed will act as the fifth and final vote. In the event that all
 three High-Lords are unable to show up regularly the first LORD named on the members list will act as a HIGH-LORD.

 Lords-There can be but only four lords at any given time. The Lords will give council to the High-Lords. Lords will be in
 charge of making sure that there is a check and balance system within the guild. Also, they will evaluate the
 trustworthiness of our new members.

 Grand-Visier-The Grand-Visier will keep his/her eyes out for new recruits or people he/she believes would benefit the
 guild. He/She should be a very active member. He/she will set up dueling tournaments. Dueling tournaments will be held
 in private guild games and happen only among guild members.

 Visier-There can be but only three members with the VISIER rank. The VISIERS will be in charge of all lower ranked
 members. The Visiers will be on the lookout for "PROBLEM MEMBERS" or members that are acting suspicious. They are
 asked to report these problems to higher ranked members. You are the guild's internal personnel service.

 Chamberlain-There can be but only one Chamberlain at any one time. The chamberlain's duties will be helping new
 members of the guild, however possible. He/She is encouraged to start relations with other guilds.

 Council-There can be a maximum of seven council. The purpose of the council will be to keep other guild members up on as
 much guild news as possible. Also, council will collect any information on other guilds and report any guild problems to
 higher ranked members as they occur.

 Elite-Nobles-You have become trusted in all respects of this game. You will be in charge of lower ranked members. You
 shall seek diplomacy with other guilds in our efforts to become allies with other guilds. You will aid members of lower rank
 whenever possible in whatever that might be. You can be given the ability to recruit if given by a High-Lord. You will
 welcome newcomers to our channel. You will report any problems that arise in the guild channel to higher ranked

 Nobles- The royalty of the guild. The Nobles are responsible for reporting inactive members. You will be invited to attend
 all guild meetings.

  Knights-You have been very active in the guild and have risen to knight. You are a trusted guild member. Knights will help
 in guild organization. You have been active in the guild and have been found trustworthy by a High-Lord. You have been
 chosen to wear the suit of armor. You will be in charge of lower ranking members.

 Officers-Your job in the guild will be to organizing the lower ranks in our efforts to keep order. You are have become a
 trusted member.

 Militia-You are our honorable ordinaries. At this point in the guild you are still somewhat new to the guild.

 Commoner-You have just entered the guild and hopefully will rise in the ranks depending on activeness and clan
 participation. Welcome to the guild!

 ALL Rank abilities are subject to change in the event that the guild grows in size.





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