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Latest News

News 6-18-2002

I have locked the board down temporarily until I can get the site back up. Cedric(GOH)

News 6-16-2002

Finally, some good news.. Well , we have a new member his account name is: BIG-FLUFFY(GOH). I wanted to welcome him into our guild!! He seems like a promising recruit. I have yet to meet him. I hope he enjoys his stay in the guild..Also, I've heard from INNERLIGHT(GOH) tonight and he has been given his account back. But, he is short a few items sadly to say. The hacker didn't delete his characters nor steal ALL of his items. So, I welcome you back. This says to me that whoever the hacker was he/she had "SOME" morals..HAIL ALL MEMBERS OF GOH!!

News 6-15-2002

Well, tonight was the first "whacking night." What I mean by this is that I went through our member list and removed some people that have been inactive for so long and I never heard from them, so that was what I had to do. Not an easy thing to do but a necessary one. Also we have a new member tonight his account name is: ATHLON(GOH). I wanted to welcome him into our guild and I hope that he enjoys his stay with us. Technically, he isn't a new member but I just got his email just now. From this night forward, you MUST supply a valid email before you can be part of the guild. The only reason I'm requiring it is so if there is a problem with you or your account you can stay in touch with the guild. I have yet to receive emails from the following members: NEW(GOH), and TERRY(GOH). If these members do NOT reply within two weeks of this update they will be removed. Sorry, I know it may sound a bit harsh but we have to be able to stay in contact. These members are asked to email me or post your emails on our board. It's just a simple thing that must be. Thank You! Cedric(GOH)