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Welcome to BuZySoft

BuZySoft is my one-man unregistered company. I've been programming games since 1998. At first I was programming Turbo Pascal 7.0 ASCII games on my old 486 DX2/33. It hasn't took so long to get some ASM snippets and then I moved to the graphic mode 13h (320x200x256). Over the years I've learn a lot, always trying to optimize TP codes and trying to understand ASM ones. My main goal was to make some 3D. I can say that I reached this objective, all by mayself. But these days, it's hard to compete against DirectX and OpenGL when all you have is some 16-bit real-mode DOS codes...

Once I was surfing the net, I found a banner. That was saying "Make 3D games in seconds with DarkBASIC". So, doubtful, I went to the DarkBASIC site. I downloaded the demo. And I registered it not so long after... I was seeing some new doors opening right in my face. That was amazing. The models and textures contained in DB games have always deceived me. But, being myself a good low-polygon modeler as well as a good texturer, that wasn't a problem.

And now, almost one year later, I'm making some of the best-looking DB games (in my opinion), and I'm always breaking the not-so-distant limits of that software. The release of DB Pro in a near future is a great revealation for me, since it will contains almost every features I was dreaming about...

The next step ? I'm learning C++, to see how hard -or easy- it is to make the same things DB let me do - and how it is to make more...

On this site you'll see some of my greatest realizations. Both in Turbo Pascal and in DarkBASIC. I will also put some tutorials about programming, texturing, modeling, and everything else I think you could like.

I wish you a good trip through my site!

Beausoleil S Guillemette

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