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    How Do I Change The Language on My Board?

    There are two different aspects to your board's language, global and on a user-by-user basis. To change the global language and the language that guests will see you must go to the forum preferences and settings page. On it there is a drop down box that allows you to select the different languages that we have installed. It is possible for individual users to have different languages. In order to do this you must place a check in the box on the mod settings page in your admin center that says, "Enable user selectable language support". Then when a member modifies their profile they will see a drop down box where they can select which language they wish to use. One current limitation we have is that image sets only work if your board's global language is set to English. In the future we may change this but not for the time being

    Why does it say Logged here but on my board shows the Ip Address?

    A moderator or an administrator will see the actual ip address. Any one else just sees the word logged.

    I can't find out how I can clean out my error and clicklogs

    You can delete your error and click logs in your admin center maintenance control. It's in Clean active log and View forum error log then click Clear Error Log. Some other tips for keeping your resources low is to Remove posts older than XY days. XY being the number you choosed for this option. Default is 30.

    Can I mass e-mail or mass private message all of my members?

    This is currently unavailable for free boards. Flagship plans will have this option thought. The problem with giving it to free boards is it would make it very easy for someone to get a board and then send out mass spam at our expense.

    Whats the difference between a Global Moderator and just a Moderator. What extra things can a Global Moderator do that just a Moderator cannot?

    A moderator only moderates the boards it is set too, a global moderator can moderate all the boards on your site. A global moderator can also see every board even if you set the catagory to administrators only

    Can I change the colors of the users online?

    Insert this on your template's CSS tags:

    .admin_color {COLOR: red}
    .gmod_color {COLOR: blue}
    .mem_color {COLOR: black}

    Change the colors to what you want them be. You can also put a BACKGROUND-COLOR too, adding a "; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #colorgoeshere".

    Pay Verses Free: I would like to know what exactly are the differences?

    This is an idea, granted not all plans will have the same. The higher the plan, the better the features and this isn't exactly what we will have. These may get changed at anytime so DON'T quote me on it.

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