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    Is there a way for me to email my members all at once?

    Currently this is not an option but will be an option on the payed boards

    How come my picture wont show for my avatar, its only a box with a red X in it?

    Some sites wont let you do off site hosting you need to upload the picture to your own FTP space then post it.

    How do I get a hit counter for my board?

    You really dont need one there's one already installed, just go to your admin center and go to feature settings and options and check the boxes that say "track stats" and "track hits".

    How can I free up space on my board? In your admin center under "maintenance controls" click on "clean active log", "delete posts older then 30 days" and tell your members to clean out their PM box (inbox and outbox)

    Why do I have the image tags in my posts subject areas?

    The reason is, the alphabets that start your subject are also the alphabets that start your smilie code if you've added any in your censored word box. Those alphabets along with the semicolon in the word "Re:" will make the image tag show in your subject tag. Just add a period (.) after the semicolon to get rid of the image tag. You might have to do this for each reply made to this particular topic depending on what your members have in their subject line.

    Can I have posts with porn pics or sexual material on my board?

    If you are actively working on removing such posts and trying to keep those posts from coming back, we won't delete your board. If you are promoting it and you know that it is not allowed, we will just send you a warning that your board is in violation of our TOS. We will give you a time that it must be gone, or we will delete it. If you tell us that there is someone on there that is doing it, you are not promoting it, and you don't know how to stop it, we will help you 200% to rid the board of that problem. Being a host, we may have more say than you when it comes time to contact an ISP or another host about this problem.

    What can I do to help boardnation?

    We love the support that we receive from people here. So many people ask us "what can I do to help?" so here goes a couple of things. This might change as time goes by but it should help for now:

  • Help people who need it. Just be nice and help. If you don't know, you don't need to answer

  • Tell your friends about

  • Create some links and banners or tell your newsletter about us

  • Make suggestions!! one of the biggies. We figure out what to do with the company by what the members think.

  • Vote for us on all of the "free" listings that you see and if you really want to help.

    Just to name a couple:

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