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    I can't figure out how to get a board.

    In the Content Menu, there is a link that says "Get a board". Click on it and follow instructions.

    Is it possible to have a board with a public and private catagory? I need to have the board so that only members can see the private areas and anyone can see and post on the public areas.

    You will have to manually add every member to a memgroup inorder to acheive what you want. Then you would create a category where only that membergroup could view it.

    I thought there was a link to see your memberlist at the top next to home, help?, search, etc.

    There is no button for the memberlist in the menu.

    I just locked myself out of the admin center by accidentally making myself a normal user. What do I do??!

    Contact any of the administrators on boardnation. tell them your username and they will make you admin again.

    How do I make someone a global moderator or admin?

    You can assign anyone to a membergroup by their profile. Access his profile,and at the drop down box at the bottom of his profile, you can make him administrator or global moderator or any other membergroup that you created.

    How do I make a group of all my moderators? I want a topic for only moderators, global moderators and admins.

    Go to the admin area. Click on "edit member groups". Then you have to go to each of your moderators or global moderator's profiles click "modify" and just change them to what you want them to be at the same drop down menu when you make them gmods.

    I took the bottom banner out, and it gave a warning. What does this mean?

    You have to have the tag somewhere on your template. You can delete that banner if you like, but you must have that tag written somewhere

    Can I have my own avatars and smileys?

    You CANNOT put avatars on your board from another site. You could post a list of links to your avatars on your board and then each member could choose from that list and enter the url into their custom avatar field. More smileys will be available for paid boards.

    How do you get the Users Online on your side bar?

    There currently is no way to do this but may be added some time in the future.

    What happened to the News Fader?

    It has been disabled for the time being

    Can I change the color of the stars below my Admin, or Moderators name? Or maybe make them flash or customize them in any way?

    No that can't be changed.

    Could anyone tell me what the Karma thing in the mods section of the admin area is? I know what the basic idea of karma but what exactly is this feature. Would someone please explain it and how to use it.

    Its a fun feature. When you enable karma, every user has positive and negative this -0/+0. Below that, theres two buttons, smite and applaud. Smite will give you a negative point and applaud will give you a positive point... Positive points are good, negaive points are bad. A user can see what other users think of him in this feature. If he gets tons of negative karma its because other people don't like him,but if he has tons of psoitive points, then people like him. Admins can change this points for every user in their profiles.

    I had just made a member group. The member group was Mega Defense Member. I put myself as that and then POOF! I was no longer a admin. I don't want to make a new account and do all I did all over again

    This happened because you joined a member group whiler you were an admin. Since you can only be one or the other, it took your admin status away to give you the new status. When you get your admin status back, I would just change my custom tiltle to Mega Defense Member that way it it looks like you are in that member group also.

    How do I enable the poll feature on my message board.

    To enable polls look in installed mods and settings in your admin center. There is a section there that controls who can post polls and such. Then when starting a new thread use the new poll button instead.

    How come the avatars on my board don't show everytime a user posts?

    Look in Admin Center > Forum Preferences and Settings and make sure both Show User Pics in Message View? and Enable Members to Select Profile Avatars? are selected.

    What's the code for making the input buttons (post, preview, reset form) to look flat instead of a 3D-like effect?

    Insert this on your CSS:

    input, textarea, select { color: #000000; font: 8pt verdana; font-weight: none; text-decoration: none; background: whitesmoke; border-width: .1em; border-style: solid; border-color: gainsboro; }

    How can I get rid of the boardnation logo?

    Look for this in the template:

    Just remove the img tag that has that for the image, or replace the link to the logo/pic that you want.

    How do I move a board to another category?

    Edit Boards. In a drop down box, you can select the category the board will be in.

    How do you show the name of the newest member?

    Go to Admin settings Go to Forum Preferences and Settings check Show Latest Member on Board Index?

    Does anyone know if there's a section where I can invite people to my message board?

    There's a promote your board section here in the support forum. Post the link and a description to your board there.

    I cant see the board? Why do I get a Parse error message on my board?

    Make sure you have not left any fields empty in your admin center. Also e-mail and they will be able to fix it for you.

    How can we stop members from changing their display name?

    Currently you cant, but it may be a feature on the paid boards

    How can I get members to my board?

    Promote your site as best as possible. Search engines, chat rooms, other boards, and tell all your friends.

    I forgot my board url, what is it?

    If you know the name of your board, the url will be this SITE NAME/index.php

    How do I get the newest registered user name at the top of my board?

    In your admin center in the forum settings section there's a button for this feature check the box thats applies

    Can I make my board only visable to members

    Yes, in your admin center in your forum display settings check the box that disallows guests from doing anything but registering.

    What if my board goes over the 3mgs that are allowed?


    Am I allowed to have more then one board?

    No. Only one free board is allowed per member

    I'm not fluent at HTML, how do I go about getting my board started?

    In the graphics and images and admin how to sections of The Boardnation Support Forum is step by step instructions on how you can make your board come alive.

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