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This is the home of Jargon Games. Soon this site will have a lot of flash games on it!

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Button Factory A Classic Jargon Game
Button Factory 2: The Return of Joe
Button Factory 3: Performance Review
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Button Factory Remake
Button Factory Mini Games World's Hardest Game Victory Screen
Button Factory 4.0

Button Mashers
Button Masher
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Happy Buttons:
Mr. Happy Button
Mr. Happy Button Complimenter
Mrs. Happy Button
Mrs. Happy Button Complimenter
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Mr. Happy Button Jr. Complimenter
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The Happy Clicker (Download)
Happy Breakout (Download)

Not-so-Happy Buttons
Mr. Sad Button
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Mr. Sad Button Jr.

Not-Happy-but-Not-Sad Buttons
Mr. Apathetic Button

Mouse Catching Games:
Mouse Catching Game A Classic Jargon Game
Catch The Mouse 2
Catch the Mouse 3
Mouse Catcher 4
Mouse Multiplier Remake
Christmas Mouse Catcher
World's Easiest Game: Mouse Edition

Decoy Catching Games
Christmas Decoy Catcher
Decoy Multiplier

The World's Easiest/Hardest Games:
The World's Easiest Game A Classic Jargon Game
World's Easiest Game 2!
The World's Easist Game 3
World's Easiest Game 4
World's Easiest Game 5
World's Easiest Game 6
World's Easiest Game Seven (Modes of Play)
The World's Hardest Game
The World's Easiest Game: The American Edition
World's Easiest Game: Halloween Edition
World's Easiest Game: Invisible Edition
World's Easiest Game: Summer Edition
The World's Easiest Game: 2009 Edition

The Flingo Series:
Flingo: Doors of Destiny A Classic Jargon Game
Flingo 2: The Journey Home A Classic Jargon Game
Flingo 3: Spider Stomp!
Flingo 4: Flingo's Quest
Doors of Destiny Remake

Flingo Spinoffs:
Flingo Fortune Teller
Flingo Fortune Teller 2
Flingo's Third Fortune Teller
Do the Flingo A Classic Jargon Game
Do The Flingo 2
Nikko's Journey
Nikko's Boat Ride
Nikko's Guide on How To Annoy People A Classic Jargon Game
Nikko's Second Guide on How to Annoy People
Nikko's Third Guide
Nikko's Fourth Guide
Color me: The Evil Face
World's Easiest Game- Flingo Edition
Flingo Pac-man (Download)
The Tuh Game
Ona's Adventure
The Woggle's Quiz on Ona's Adventure
Flingo Vs. The Weevils
Ayo Can Dance
Ant Infestation
Nikko's Woggle Ride
Fishing with Vern
Ayo Visits the Doors of Destiny Dungeon!
Dress Up Flingo!

The Talking Trees!
Realm of the Trees
The Forest Fire Game
Ted The Talking Tree's Test
Ray's Test
Big Ralph's Test
Alisha The Talking Tree's Test

Ask a Pirate!
Tom's Test
Tom's Treasure Hunt
Dress Up Tom!

The Tetraflame:
The Tetraflame: Episode 1: Ruga's Journey
Tetreflame Episode 2 demo
Tetraflame Episode 2
Tetraflame Episode 2 Bonuses
The Paleo Game
Rita's Quiz

Nalat presents...
Fish Clicker
World's Easiest Game: Evil Edition
Paleo Multiplier
Spider Masher
Flame Catcher
Bat Catcher
Ask Nalat
The Insulter
Don't Click the Fire Warrior
A Simple Question
Moon Stone Madness!
Another Simple Question
Yet Another Simple Question

Target Tests:
Target Test
Target Test Remake
Target Test Version 2
Target Test Three

Robogirl and Jaky
Robogirl: Revenge of the Snakez! (Download)
The Four Snakez
The Snakez Quiz
Jaky's Adventure
And the Snakez came back...
World's Easiest Game with Snakez
Ask Jaky!

The Adventure of Mongo
1920 Sports Quiz
Ten Second Test
Click the Button 100 times!
After Death
Useless Gadgets

Matchup 2!

Guardian Angel
Episode 1: The Moontower Incident
Episode 2: Road to Geffen

No Graphics
Escape From the Jungle
The Snake Pit
The Forgotten Warrior
Championship Bout
The Search for Bubble Bobble: Old and New
The Adventure of Pierre Covierre: Operation Fantasma

Jargon Promo
Another Jargon Promo
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A Fourth Jargon Promo
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3 Fuzzballs
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Strange Tuh Promo
Strange Paleo Promo
Tetraflame 2 Promo Movie
After Death Promo

Tree Christmas 2003
Happy (Button) New Year 2004!
One year old!
As if you needed more proof

Jargon Quizzes:
What Jargon Fuzzball are you?
Are you Mr. Happy Button or Mrs. Happy Button

Jargon Staff:
Webmaster- Brad ( He created Jargon Games, and makes the games on this site. Yeah, he doesn't do any actual work. Currently among the missing.
Idea Person- Kevin: He tests the games, and helped in the making of Button Factory. He believes that Bubble Bobble is the best game ever... Wait! That's not a Jargon Game!
Contrary to popular belief, Kevin loves pickles. He will do almost anything to have one.
Idea Person- Cara: She is my little sister. She came up with the idea for Jargon Survivor and Jargon Survivor 2.
Journal Writer/Talking Tree- Ted: Ted has his own page here at Jargon Games, which he updates whenever he feels like it. He doesn't support pirates, unless they are named Tom.
Game Maker/Evil Genius- Nalat: Nalat creates the "Nalat Presents" games. He's also made an AIM Icon. Not bad, considering he is an Evil Genius.
Nalat is almost always in a bad mood. It is advised that you stay far away from him. Very far away from him.
Guide Writer- Nikko: Nikko is a fuzzball. He writes guides on how to annoy people. Sometimes, he updates the news page with crazy entries. A crazy oddball. Related to Kevin? Not sure, but they could be.


May 20, 2009
A new game! World's Easiest Game: 2009 Edition! I know there wasn't a 2008 edition, but 2009 has one! Awesome!

May 19, 2009
New blog entry from Tom.

February 23, 2009
I updated the Did You Know? Page.

February 22, 2009
In a boneheaded moment on my end, I totally forgot to mention that Jargon Games turned 6 years old on February 20th. Granted, we've been inactive during quite a bit of that time (see: last year), but we are now 6, having released our first title way back when.

February 21, 2009
Tom updated the Captain's Blog.

February 20, 2009
Hey, everybody! It's Nikko!! Yay! Update! Whooooooo! This is fun! I miss doing this! I really don't have anything to say, but that doesn't matter, cause I'm a fuzzball, like Flingo. Remember Flingo? He's blue.

February 19, 2009
A new wallpaper, this one features Ruga. Would you believe Ruga did not have a wallpaper yet? I mean, the Paleo did as did Nalat, but not the main character!

February 18, 2009
Tom updated the Captain's Blog again.
On a related note, new wallpaper.

February 17, 2009
Tom updated his Captain's Blog. Small update, but an update nonetheless.

February 16, 2009
And, on the subject of deviantART, I'm going to post a link to Kevin's page as well. Check it out!
Also, small update to the Jargon Fighters page.

February 15, 2009
Just going to promote my deviantART page. A few haikus and some sketches. There are a few pictures of the fuzzballs, specifically Flingo and Nikko.

February 14th, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13th, 2009
New (ok, old) Robogirl Wallpaper is now available. It's on the wallpapers page. I say old because I made it a couple years ago, I just never actually released it. But now? Now it is available!

February 12th, 2009
Tom updated Ted's page. See? I wasn't the only one being lazy!

February 11th, 2009
I move a ton of stuff to the old news page.

February 10th, 2009
Hello, everybody! Sorry about being totally lazy and all. I have no real excuse for neglecting this site. I'm going to blame college. It's not fair to blame college, but that is what I'm going to do.

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