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Pitter Patter Babyz

My Babyz

These are my 5 little honey bunnies! In alphabetical order...

This is Alexandra Lisa. I call her Alex. Isn't she cute? She's got pretty red hair! She is a four-crawler. She isn't a very big eater. She lets her brothers and sisters push her around sometimes, but we're working on that!

This is Benjamin Matthew! He's got nice red hair like Alex! He just got over a cold, but he's doing great!

This is my little guy David Joshua. He is the cutest little thing! I used to always think boy babyz weren't as cute as girlz until I met David!!

This is my little girly Lily Madison. Lily love carrots and oatmeal! She just loves eating. She always has a smile on her face.

Last but certainly not least is little Rachel Genevieve! She is a sweetie! She is often smiling, but when she is unhappy she lets you know! She gets on well with her brothers and sisters :)