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1stpage2.zip: html editor similar to frontpage, but much more functional and doesn't clutter your html with crap.

bearfight.mpg: quite a funny commercial, canadian i think. they always think of the best stuff.

fonts.zip: a compilation of fonts that i use. doesn't include the fonts windows comes with.

izarc33.exe: archiving app similar to winzip, but free and much more functional. even has an archive hacker built in too.

puksetup.exe: a great app for killing those damn popup ads. this is the best one i've found. i put it up here because the people who developed it stopped providing it

rambooster.zip: an excellent app enabling windows 9x to run for prolonged periods of time. whenever the free ram drops below a certain level, it will clear it. great for developers.

setupeditpadlite.exe: text editor similar to notepad but much more powerful.

if you don't trust my downloads because you're paranoid or whatever reason, you can find most of these files at downloads.com or a from a similar site.